Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Femmier by comparison

Every girl looks femmier when next to a guy right?

OK babe, you look so sexy like this.  Now just put your leg between his… yup just like that.  Harry?  Go ahead and hold her.  Just rub your hands over her body.  Perfect!  No babe, don’t talk.  We’ve gone to so much trouble making you look like this I don’t want to ruin the illusion.  I know I know, no one will hear your gravely voice in the photos but I want to keep the mood up.  Well for Harry of course… I want him to be focused on the sexy girl in front of him and not thinking that he’s feeling up my femmy husband! 

I love you too baby.  I know I’ve already said this, but I really appreciate you doing this for me.  I just can’t let my sister beat me in this.  When she said she was feminizing her husband I had to prove that I could do the same thing.   Now we’ve come a long way and you do look gorgeous.  I mean your makeup is perfection itself.  Your choker necklace does a great job of hiding your adam’s apple.  Those breast forms are the perfect size for your frame and that top covers their seams wonderfully.  Removing all of your body hair lets us show off your legs without any stockings.  And that skort really shows off your ass. 

But dressing you only gets us so far, and taking photos of you with Harry here will make you look femmier by comparison without changing you any more.  No don’t cry baby, I told Harry to take your top off along with his pants.  We’ll crop the breast forms out for this next shot.  And don’t struggle or he’ll pull those extensions out of your hair.  

There!  Hold that position.  Close your lips baby and I’ll take a few shots like this. Mmm… maybe we should get some audio of this. You sound so sexy with your mouth full!  Now let’s see how far you can get her down… I know that my sisters sissy can’t deep throat!

source:  fuskator

A quick note:  I originally started this from the femmy husband's perspective.  But I got into trouble when I.. ahem... filled his mouth and he could no longer talk.  So I transitioned it over to the wife's perspective.  Here's how I wrote out 'his' version:

OK babe, you know I support you and you know I love your competitive streak.  But bringing a guy into this?  No, I agree that we can’t really make me look more like a woman.   The job you do on my makeup is just perfection.  The little choker necklace does a fine job of covering up my adam’s apple.  Those breast forms are the perfect size for my frame and this top covers their seams wonderfully.  I’ll admit that I struggled a bit with the idea of shaving off all my body hair, but it does let you show off my legs without any stockings.  And this… what do you call it?  a skort?  Shows off what bit of ass I have.  Yes, the extensions in my hair look very nice too. 

But that’s my point.  I know you’ll pull out all the stops to beat your sister and she’s done a great job of feminizing her husband… but you’ve gone to far this time!  I already have a hard time explaining this long hair at work.  It’s cut in a way that just isn’t right for a man… I can’t even put it in a ponytail that looks masculine.  And do you know how much the guys laugh in the shower at the gym?  I can get past all that…. It’s long term but not permanent.     

What’s that?  Well yeah, that’s what I’m saying.  We can’t make me look more feminine without pushing into permanent changes.  So what you are saying is that by taking my picture with Harry here, the comparison will make me look more feminine.  

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