Sunday, October 18, 2015

It's a Bet!

How about double or nothing?

I don’t understand… you explained how the spell works right? 

Yes I did.  I told him that once the transformation was complete that he’d revert back to his masculine body as soon as he went 24 hours without having an erotic thought.  And that every day spent in this body will make it more and more feminine.

And how long has he been in that body?

Oh let’s see… what day is it?  Sunday the 18th?  I bought the spell on the first and cast it that weekend.  So a little over two weeks now.

Wait… so he hasn’t had a two hour stretch without an erotic thought for two weeks?  I know  he’s a horn dog, but there has to be times that naturally comes.  What about when he’s eating?

Heh… that’s easy.  I just mention how good his lips look wrapped around some food or a utensil.  His blush tells me the clock is reset every single time.

Well what about television?  Surely he can find something on the boob tube that will take his mind of sex. 

Well… I kind of set  him up there.  I programed the parental lock in reverse… the only thing available is adult programing.  He avoided it for a day or so, but I heard him turn it on one night after I went to bed.  I think that was the first time he thought of ‘blowing off steam’ as they say.

You mean he…

Yup.  Several times. 

Well what about sleep?  Surely he doesn't have that many erotic dreams.  

Oh that one's easy.  After he nods off, I slip slip my ipod next to his bed and play a particular playlist.  It's full of spoken word erotic stories and sexy songs.  

OK, so eating, tv, and sleeping is out.  We all know that the only books you have are erotic tales… so why is he constantly reading? 

OH… heh… I told him there was a reversal spell hidden in one of them.  After a few days he read them all, so I told him it was coded into one of the stories.  That he’d have to read them all very carefully to break the code.

OK man, I admit it.  You kept him in that body without breaking the rules.  You win the bet.  But before I pay, how about we go double or nothing?  Say… you not only keep him in that body for another two weeks, but you get him to actually have sex. 

It’s a bet!

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