Saturday, October 24, 2015

Looking Out For Me

Just like a big sister should!

While growing up, my older sister was constantly watching over me.  She helped me with my homework, she helped me with school projects, she got me my first job.  She even tried to help me get girls, but my crippling shyness was too much for even her to overcome.  So when I graduated high school she invited me to move across the country into her apartment.   She’d help me get into college and keep looking out for me.  It wasn’t too much of a surprise when she found my secret stash on the laptop.  As she did before, she made the decision for me… she’d help me live out that fantasy.  She told me that for the next twelve months she wouldn’t have a little brother.  She’d have a little sister.

This past year has been a blur.  She helped me slowly but constantly change and grow into my femme self.  At first it was just hair and a little bit of makeup.  To the outside world I was like any other tomboy. But as my hair grew out she made sure it was styled more and more feminine.  My jeans were traded in for slacks, then capris, then shorts, and finally nothing but skirts.  My sneakers became flats, then chunky heels, and finally tall slender stilettos.  My backpack was traded in for a purse. My major changed from engineering to gender studies.  I turned in my band uniform and trumpet traded them for a cheerleader’s uniform and a set of pom-poms.  I stopped lifting weights and picked up a yoga class.  I stopped playing D&D with my buds and started going to the pep rallies with her girlfriends. 

I was surprised at how natural this all became.  When she told me that I should start to date though I didn’t think I could do it.  I complained that she had tried to help me out before, but I was just too shy.  Being a girl wouldn’t change that.  She just giggled and reminded me that guys loved a shy girl.  As always she watched over my shoulder and helped me out.  She watched from nearby when I went out on my first date.  She showed me how to kiss the boys and keep them from getting to grabby.  When I finally met a boy I liked she gave me lessons on how to please him.  She even gave me my own realistic dildo and had me practice each night.  

Now as I bend over and give my boyfriend my first blowjob I feel that she’s still looking out for me.  I think she’s be happy and proud of her little sister. 

source:  fuskator 

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