Monday, February 7, 2011

Apprentice Genie

Awww.. aint she cute?

So this is a cap I did for Courtney.  I was still learning how to appropriately read preferences when I made this one.  Courtney had made me a cute cap, and when reading her preferences I already had it in my head that she wanted cute in return.   Now courtney's desires and preferences run the gamut and I probably could have made one of my nastier caps for her and she would have liked it.  She even has in her preferences about rating: "Anything is great up to the R or NC-17 range".   Sure I couldn't have the nastier pictures, and I couldn't describe the sex act in detail, but I didn't have to go Disney style 'G' for her either.  But I consider it a lesson leaned.

Surprisingly (to me at least) this is the first character (the apprentice genie) that I've ever wanted to use again. I just haven't found the appropriate target for him to make a return appearance. I also seemed to regress just a bit on the idea of using a title.  I know when I made this I had the title 'Apprentice Genie' in mind, but I didn't put it in.  I don't remember why.

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  1. Yeah, you should probably use the apprentice genie, especially for when you have a "zinger" type of plot, with a specific punchline, and don't need to make a long, winding caption.

    You really did hit many of Courtney's buttons on that caption though. It is definitely the kind of caption she loves to get. She isn't usually into nudity for nudity's sake, and over the top sex scenes can leave her feeling yucky.