Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Massage

Where I begin to appreciate public humiliation!

 Its funny how quickly things can progress.  This is only the 18th cap I made for trade, but its style and tone are much closer to my current style.  I owe quite a bit to Starhawk (now Sammie).  You see under her preferences she wrote "For extra points: Being given a makeover and then being put into a situation with lots of people I know.".  When I read that it was like someone hit a switch in my head.  I imagined that scenario.... bring given a makeover, and then meeting up with people I know.  Now Sammie doesn't got for the XXX treatments, but I do, and mentally I added that in.  Being given such a good makeover that I could fool my friends.  Fool them enough that they think I"m a woman.  And the only way I can avoid embarassing myself is to continue to act like that woman FOR my friends.  Even acting sexually (touching, petting, kissing.... blowing.... fucking) toward or in front of my friends.

Wow... really that turned a corner for me.  I was leaning toward humiliation (and it would be quite awhile longer before I actually added the word 'humiliation' to my preferences on the haven), but this really pointed out to me how much of a turn on that was.

But I had to back up.  Again Sammie doesn't go for the XXX (she actually puts it as "pretty much anything upto but not including the XXX stuff", but I have trouble defining the difference between X and XXX, so I don't even go to X).  So I started thinking of a quick and fairly generic reason that someone would get a make over and then go into public.  Drawing from my own preferences, I figured the only way it could be done is to help someone out.

Before I got to far (how this 'helping out' would manifest itself), I need pics.  So I looked around and when I found these images I knew I had it.  The look on her face was perfect.  It showed both enjoyment, along with a trace of 'uncomfortable'.  Not physically uncomfortable (although I can't imagine my legs bending that way!), but mentally uncomfortable.

As she was getting worked over by a man, I figured it wasn't to much of a stretch to say that she was getting a massage.  I figured a massage made it more sensual, and therefore more 'uncomfortable'.  My panties were getting wet (hell how am I kidding.. they're getting wet now just writing about the cap!).  So I had her getting a sensual massage from someone she knew, and she go there by helping out someone else.  That was enough to get me writing.

I wrote this more or less as is. I only had to edit a few oddly worded phrases, but the gist of the cap stayed the same from opening word to saving the final cap.  Design wise, this is very close to my current style.  I didn't rotate the images, and I used a fairly bold font.  But beyond those two little features I could picture making this cap exactly the same way today.

I have to say for something that I would rate as a soft R with no sex even mentioned, I find this to be one of my most arousing caps.

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