Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Rings!

Don't let the innocent picture or title fool you.  This is about sex, sex and more sex!

So this is probably the height of my dirty XXX sex on top of sex caps.  This could be summarized by "Jeff is transformed into Candy and force to have sex with his best friend in many humiliating ways"

And I'm o.k. with that.  In fact I really like the story of this.  It brings quite a few preferences in like possession, humiliation, and revenge gone wrong.  Even reading over it I get a little moist in the ol' panties.  I think in a way that this follows Dee's recent comment about "random blowjob pictures".  Sure there is more to it than 'he turned to a she and sucked some cock' but its not a LOT more than that.  I think the thing that seperates this from what Dee was talking about is that this was a little more tailored to Candy's preferences.  Candy is a dirty girl (go ahead and try to deny it Candy!) and that is one of the things that attracted me to writing this for her.

And then there is the design aspect of it... ugh.  I really have no idea why I chose those ugly colors.  Purple text on a blue/green background?  I know that some of it was that I didn't want to re-use the same color palate over and over.  But I didn't have to go with something like this.  There is also the picture layout... I put all the pictures up at the top, even though they may fit the story of that particular panel better at the bottom.  That is especially true for the fourth panel.  You start off by seeing the picture of Jeff getting ass fucked while eating out Sandy, but the text immediately under it reads "Jeff continued giving Mark his blow job..".  That doesn't really show good layout now does it?

But even with all the design and layout problems, I still get hot reading this story.  I hope you do to!


  1. Without doubt one of the best caps I have read on any site in months. Very good work, Bravo!

  2. I have to agree. Great Caps, Great series

  3. Hehe, nah...

    Im far from a dirty girl Caitlyn, you should know that hun. *winks & giggles sarcasticly* ~

    This still to this day is my fav that you made me even though I love all of my caps I got from you..

    I think its time for another Caitlyn/Candy cap though. :3