Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Shower Scene

Mmm.... showers!

This is a cap I made for Tami (Trscroggs) over at the haven.  Ironically I'm currently making another cap for Tami right now!

I think my story writing train went a little off the rails with this one.  I admit that I was hurrying for this one.  At the Haven it is an honor to finally join the ranks of trading members.  You have to make so many posts, then make a cap for someone else.  Only then can you request a trading folder of your own. I happened to be on soon after Tami got a folder of her own.  So I wanted to whip up a quick cap and be the first to post in her new folder.

Well as you probably know by now, me and quick don't get along.  I found this image rather quickly, and wrote the story it whispered to me.   The story was long, so I was already taking longer than I wanted.  But when I put the image in, I noticed that the water from the image was distorting her left eye in an ugly way.  So I figured a quick photoshop fix would work....

But theres that word again... quick.  I didn't let the work get in the way and quickly cloned out her right eye and just pasted it over her left.  It didn't look horrible, so I finished the layout and posted it.

And ever since I've posted this, I have been just staring at that damned ugly eye!  I know I could do a better job if I put my normal effort into it, but I was hurried just so I could be the first to post.  I consider it a lesson learned... I don't rush things like this anymore.  I try to not work on a deadline unless there is a REAL deadline.

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  1. Its fun to break people's trading cherry. Bren and I used to have battles over who would give someone a caption first. I think we've probably taken the maidenhead of at least half of the people in the trading area of the Haven!

    Best part of that is *I* was the one that took Bren's trading folder virginity! Bwahahaha!

    Anyway, I don't think "the eye" is as bad as you think it is. I really wouldn't have paid it much attention unless you had mentioned it.