Sunday, February 27, 2011

Corporate Identity Theft

Sexy secretary and a magic dildo?  Mmmmm

This is the first cap I made for Sasha (of fame).  We had been playing together in the MoZE game as I mentioned in "Dreams and Nightmares" and "Misc Zulo Caps", and I had always liked her caps.  I read through her preferences and saw that she was into both lesbians and strap ons.  Of course reading her blog for awhile now, I can see that her interest here was more than cap or fantasy based!  But anyway... I figured I could find some good pics to make a decent cap.

I originally found the picture in fourth panel (dildo IN mouth), and liked the story it whsipered to me.  The basic premise I got was a lackey from a rival company infiltrating the CEOs office as a secretary, and being transformed by a magical strap on into a woman.  Of course as I wrote it out, I had a long setup, so I need an intro pic.  Luckily I had access to the entire set of photos, I just picked one of 'Sasha' rifling through the filing cabinet.  After that intro, I wanted to get right to the meat of the story... but I kept having trouble having the CEO enter and just start face fucking the poor (lucky) Sasha.  So I let the idea of a two panel cap (which started off as an idea of a single page cap) go, and just started writing.  I really enjoyed going into more details as each action was actually part of the transformation process.  And with all the photos to choose from, it was easy to actually ADD more to it as I went along.

I really liked this one, and besides a little extra flair on the design side, I don't think I would change much at all.


  1. Interesting set of caption. Well done.

  2. This brings back memories and now maybe one day it will become reality! ;-)

  3. Excellent! A magical ride!