Thursday, February 3, 2011

[Question] I need to know where to get stockings

A question about shopping?

I need to know where to get stockings like those in your blog so I can buy some. This is a matter of life and not death. Pleeeeaaaseeee. sasha

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I really have no shopping experience when it comes to buying women's clothes. I have never gone shopping for myself, nor have I ever shopped for a girlfriend.  As it hasn't come up before, many of my thoughts in this post will be my first impressions.

First and foremost, I applaud Sasha for even wanting a pair of stockings like the ones off to the right of this blog (at least those are the ones I assume she is talking about).  They are lovely.  They will enhance any woman, and assist any cross dresser to become more feminine.  The opaqueness cover up any flaws while still hugging and forming perfect curves.  And of course the color is just about as feminine as you can get. I mean really... who doesn't love pretty pretty pink!

Well the stockings in the photos were not originally pink.  I believe they were blue... but I would have to check my records.  I got those ones using an extensive and exhausting Google Image search. Not knowing a lot about stockings, I would assume that you could find a similar pair wherever a large selection (selections that go beyond black, nude and white!) of stockings. I know from just looking around that this automatically excludes many big box stores.  Target, Walmart, Kmart... these are just out.  I don't know enough about female clothing stores, but I have to assume that many would have a larger selection.  And of course there are higher end stores like Sak's and Fredricks that would almost certainly have stockings like these.

This leads to a shopping girls best friend:  Online.  Whenever I have searched for some specialty object, I always find the best selection and price online.  For example A quick online search provided me with:  $13.50 (Available in Pink, but no Pink preview) $9.50 (Available in Pink, but no Pink preview) $4.95

Those are the result of about 15 minutes using Google Shopping.  But I would imagine shopping online denies us that thrill of shopping in person.  I know most cross dressers shopping for intimates won't be able to try on their purchases until they get home, but there still must be a fun thrill to be out in public and looking for very feminine articles of clothing.  Especially if dressed!

So being Life or Death, I would point you to 'the touch of that' website (the first example).  The website looked good and had many other articles that you could shop for including babydolls, corsets, thongs and teddies. But please understand (disclaimer alert!)  I have never shopped there, and make no guarantees (implied or implicit) regarding the quality of store or merchandise.

One last thought is that none of the above examples say anything about garters.  I don't know if you would need to get stockings that are garter ready or now. But they will look sexy if you have a garter on or now!

Happy shopping ladies!


  1. I really liked the one from bootycocktails. It is more tight high which is the looks that I enjoy the most. I agree with the opaques. They are great to hide little flaws and love the pink!

  2. I'm commenting because I came here to check this post again. Thanks for answering my question. The picture you selected for the post is really hot too.

  3. You really can't go wrong on Amazon. They have everything for sale, including many fun and safe sex toys. Most of the time, you can get free shipping for orders over 25 bucks, AND when the box comes in, it doesn't have a name like "slinky silky underthings" in 3 inch red letters on the box.

    Plus, if you end up buying through another store, you will PROBABLY end up on a mailing list from hell, where every other day you'll be receiving catalogs from all kinds of girly stuff.

    Lastly, Caitlyn mentioned big box stores not having a good selection and I don't really think that is true. Target, Kohls, and JC Penney all have decent items for sale. Even Walmart (depending on the location) has some thigh highs and lacey things for sale, though they are much more into utilitarian hosiery like pantyhose.

  4. you wrote: "shopping online denies us that thrill of shopping in person": well, you could try to go to a sexy shop (where there is plenty of stockings and other stuff), I think it would be less embarassing to buy stockings in such a place.

  5. I have purchased stockings (and many, many, many outfits) both online and in a adult lingerie store.

    I made one trip to a Victoria's Secret, but felt odd - too many mall types around and I just felt like everyone was looking and judging. At the small lingerie (& adult video, toys, etc) shop I frequent the staff is always very understanding and I've even come out to several of the staff members. When I'm the only one in the store some of the girls who work there will help me pick out outfits, tell me which heels I would look good in, etc. One of them even tries to hold back shoes in my size that she thinks I'll like.

    Your experience may not be like mine, but worst case scenario you have an awkward experience and don't try it again. That leaves online shopping.

    Here are a few of my favorite online stores (and FYI I'm not a paid spokesman... ahem, spokeswoman for any of these stores - I just like what they have to offer): - Great for outfits, costumes and STOCKINGS!!! Plus, it's free shipping. - Awesome site for really frilly sissy stuff. It takes a while to get your order, but almost everything is custom-made (or can be) to your size. If you love tons of lace & frills - this is your site! - A good site for crossdresser supplies including dresses, skirts, breastforms, gaffs, etc.

    I hope this helps!