Sunday, February 27, 2011

Promise Me You'll Write

I'm afraid that's all folks...
On November 28, 2010 I opened up Caitlyn's Masks with really no idea of what to do with the space.  I figured I would post up my old caps, and try to direct people over to the Haven.  I hoped that I might get a few followers, and maybe a few hundred visitors per week.  

Well 92 days later and I have 76 followers.  I average over 1000 visitors per day, and anywhere from 1000 to 9000 page views a day.  That equates to over 73,000 visits and over 350,000 page views.  I am both surprised and tickled pink by the response.  I honestly didn't expect such a large response, and I feel humbled by it.

I've met some new people and had some great discussions.  I've even posted some blog exclusive material.  In the time that this blog has been open I have created 16 new caps.  Around these new caps, I had a small collection of my older work to post so that I could keep up regular updates.  Between the new caps, the old caps, and the 'questions' I posted almost every single day.  

But sadly that regular posting will now have to cease.  It seems that I have published all of my old caps, and have no material to post on a daily basis.  I don't want to bore you with my daily life (trust me, it IS dull), and I just don't pump out the caps like many of my favorite cappers.     

I am not abandoning this blog, and any new material I create I will post here.  I will endeavor to make the caps as interesting, sexy, emotional, erotic, humiliating, and loving as I can.  I will continue to work on my designs, as well as my story writing ability. 

But I cannot promise when the next update will be.  I may make several caps in a week, but I also may not make anything new for months (its happened before).  

Of course I will answer any questions you pose to me, and if you are feeling frisky you can feel free to 'challenge' me as Dee did (I really do like challenges!).  

One last thing.  Dee mentioned in a recent comment that "It is great to see the evolution of Caitlyn in how you caption."  I know it has been a little difficult to see my 'evolution' by the way I posted.   When I started the blog, I didn't want to just post my work in chronological order as I honestly think of my earlier work as fairy 'weak'.  So I didn't want to start the blog with a lot of 'weak' caps.  For the same reason I didn't want to do it in reverse chronological order as I didn't want to 'end' with my 'weak' caps.  So around the new caps I would post in both chronological order, and reverse chronological order. So you would get a recent cap, followed by an older cap.  Rinse and Repeat.  

So just in case anyone is curious, this is all of my caps in chronological order (oldest first):

Oh No... (November 15, 2009 - My very first cap)
Excec to Sec (November 16, 2009 - My first 'trade')
Writing Exercises (January 07, 2010 - First caps of 2010)
Misc Zulo Caps (20 caps made between December 29, 2009 and  April 11, 2010)
Get into her Pink (May 26, 2010 - The beginning of the drought)
Thank You (August 17, 2010 - The end of the drought)
Pinup (November 23, 2010 - My first 'new' post after starting the blog)
Tit for Tat (January 11, 2011 - First blog exclusive cap, and first cap of 2011)
Fuck Time Travel! (January 27, 2011 - Blog exclusive)
It Seemed So Reasonable (February 2, 2011 - First use of 'new' design)
Challenge (February 9, 2011 - Blog exclusive)


  1. Thanks for all the hard work. When someone makes erotic captions they use a reflection of part of themselves in the effort. Those things some in seasons. 'Sap does not flow from the tree in winter, but in spring it rushes forth'. We will see you when we see yo and your work will be appreciated. Im glad you are not giving up captioning like I feared when I opened this update.
    Thanks Again

  2. Thanks so much for the wonderful material. I'm glad you took the time to share and I look forward to seeing whatever you create in the future.

  3. I will miss the daylyish updates but I can understand the problems with trying to do too much

  4. I too feared you would be gone forever. Good news that you aren't. I think we all appreciate the 'warning' that from now on things will slow down. Inadvertently since this is not your job and you are not getting paid to do it, daily updates would come to an end.

    I have been at this longer than you so I have more old captions to still post. I think I'm good till the end of the year ;-)

  5. I know you'll have more to post at some point soon. The best thing though for your blog, will be that anything you create now SHOULD be fresh in your mind so you can give instant insight.

    You should have posted every few days though instead of every day! That way, you could have strung people out until the Summer!

    I still look forward to you making meaningful comments in our blogs. Also, I can see you making 2 captions a week. That shouldn't be THAT hard, should it? Perhaps we can get all the Haven people to carpet bomb you with trade captions, just to keep you in the game!

  6. Thank you for the kind responses ladies! Sorry for making the title and image for this post a little dramatic. I didn't intend to make it sound like I was leaving, but I see now how that looks.


    Wow.. you really put into words what I've been thinking. I'll remember that "Sap does not flow from the tree in winter, but in spring it rushes forth' for a long time.


    Yea, I'm still just a baby when it comes to capping. I haven't even got 100 caps under my (garter) belt yet! I'm glad that you got that this was meant to be more of a warning, and not a good bye. I just wanted to make a 'book end' post to my introduction. This blog has gone so much further than I even dreamed it would, and wanted to talk about it for a bit.


    Yea, I'll be happy to have the caps fresh in mind when I post about them. Hopefully no more 'well I don't remember what I was thinking when I made this'. And yea, I should have dragged out the posts a little, but I am just impatient. It was a struggle to not post more each day.

    And as for making 2 caps a week.... I think that is reasonable. Making posts here every day for the last three months has gotten me more into that mindset on a regular basis. Now that I can't just satisfy that urge by posting something old, maybe I'll use that to create caps more often!

    And thanks for that 'carpet bombing' imagery. I am picturing a B-52 opening its bomb bay doors and hundreds of sissies falling down on me! Mmm... but seriously when I have to much cap debt I start to feel bad about it. It doesn't speed me up, it just stresses me out which makes me go slower. And I have about a dozen people I want to cap for, but feel obligated to get out of debt first!

    As a last word I find it humorous that once I mention that the posts won't continue to flow forth, I get three more followers! Now if I can get 5 more, I'll have one per cap I've made!

  7. Well,

    I havent been very active over on the Haven the past 2 months but am going to start cappin again and love your caps hun..

    I appreciate and check your blog from time to time when I can and have caught a few from you that I missed at one point..:3 ~

    Heres to hopin you cont and that we can collab some stuff again sometime since afterall I believe its Candy's turn to get a lil revenge on Caitlyn if I'm remembering right. >:3

    Your blogs lovely, keep up the sexy caps & great work you do over here..

    ~Candy (one eyed pirate/The Haven)