Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I DO like challenges... especially when they work out like this!

So late last month Dee sent me a question that turned out to be a cap challenge.  I do like challenges, but I have to admit that I did feel a little intimidated.  I mean lets face it, if there is a person responsible for getting me into capping, its Dee.  Not only did one of her caps lead me to the Haven, but she has constantly encouraged me and prodded me on to not only continue, but to improve what I do.

I knew I could whip out a quick cap that would meet this challenge (even though I thought the challenge was for a guy to fail because he was acting like a guy, when she intended it to be a guy to fail because he was acting like a girl).  But if I did it quick, the story wouldn't be all that great, and I probably wouldn't put much effort into the design.  So I mulled it over for a few days.  Since I didn't like having a 'question' and not posting an answer, I went ahead and posted it here, just to admit that I was having difficulty with it.

Several more days passed and I did feel in a capping mood, but the vague idea I had for this challenge was getting rather large.  So I put it off a little longer and capped Petra instead.  Well today I was feeling particularly good and decided to tackle this challenge.

My original idea for this was to start more or less in the middle, and have this un-named guy doing things to convince his friends he was really himself.  But by playing pool, driving his car, and drinking beer, he couldn't convinse them.  I would use various images of women doing these things, but crop them so their face wasn't in the pic.  But when looking for images I was also chatting with Martha.  I thought about asking Martha for some help, but as I was typing up my request, I came upon this idea.  Instead of having it be an un-named guy, I could have it be me.  And instead of convincing my fictitious friends, I could use my real life Haven friends to help me.  That really got the creative juices flowing, so I re-thought out the story.  I didn't know who all I wanted to use, so I figured I would find some images to work with.  I wanted women dressed in somewhat masculine garb, but to be obviously female.  After all, why would my friends with an interest in forced femme caps, help me to turn back into a man?

Once I found the first three images, I figured I would use three friends.  Dee was obvious as she issued this challenge.  Martha had to be there because her presence inspired part of the story.  Jennifer was also online, so I figured she would be the third.   Before I closed Google Images down, I saw this final image.  Upon seeing that I had the perfect ending to my story.  I was really itching to go, so I figured I would add in another friend, but not another image.  So Angel got invited to the party.

Now you probably know me for my more dark and humiliating caps.  Well as this was a challenge I wanted to do something different.  Something special.  So instead of writing it dark, humiliating, and erotic, I figured I would go for humerous, light... and erotic.  I don't write much humor as I never seem to get the 'funny' to come across, so I hope that it comes across in this one.  If it doesn't don't be shy about letting me know.  I don't want to write bad humor into future caps.

The story wrote itself fairly quickly after a few false starts.  I figured I would post these false starts, so you could get an idea of some initial editing:

So you think that you can be a woman on the outside, but have people still think you are a man?  Well I call bullshit.  

I like this beginning, but it just didn't stike me as the right tone.  So I took another swing before I went to far down that path.

So prove it.  I've given you a sexy woman's body.  Prove to me that you can still convince anyone that you are a man.  You can dress up any way you want, and of course act any way you want.  You can even use your 'girlfriends' from that website... what is it called?   Rachel's House?  Rachel's Coven?  

This was an attempt to leave a little bit out.  I would come back and explain why this person was asking me to 'prove it'.  But I realized I shouldn't refer to my friends as 'girlfriends' as that might hint at the ending.  The next swing I took is what you read in the first panel.  The story went very well, and I didn't have to edit much beyond a few typos and odd phrases.  Then I came to the last panel.  I knew because of the format of the final image, that I would have to have text running the length of the cap instead of using about half of the width.  If I kept the paragraphs short, they would only take up a few lines.  So when I started writing for the last panel, I wrote quite a bit more.

Yea... as you probably guessed, I went overboard.  So I had to edit out the following parts.  I like them, but in the last panel, they were the easiest parts to let go, and not have to reformat the entire story.

Right before the second line of the first paragraph I had a complete recap, instead of just recapping Eric and Jeremy's attempt:

So let's recap a bit.  I am in the body of a beautiful woman and have to prove to someone, anyone, that I am actually a man.  Niels' idea of dressing up as a cowboy hick got my hit on and felt up by a bunch of guys.  Damien's idea of dressing up as Humphrey Bogart to me ridden like a two bit whore by a lesbian with a strap on dildo. 

I really hated cutting the 'ridden like a two bit whore' part, but I couldn't keep that without keeping all of this. And I still had more cutting to do.  

I couldn't find any more to just cut out, so I replaced these two paragraphs with the "Several hours later..." paragraph:

They took turns working on me.  Niels made sure my hair was styled perfectly.  Damien helped me shave and apply lotion all over me.   Eric helped me apply some light makeup, and Jeremy dressed me in nothing but red bows and high heels.  By this time it was getting late and I reminded them that I only had a half our left.  They all looked at each other smiling thick as thieves and agreed that it was time.  They led out into the snow, produced a camera and had me strike several sexy poses.  I was nervous as I now only had 10 minutes left, and no idea how I was going to convince anyone that I was a man.  At that point they told me to wait here and they would be right back out with a person that would believe me. 

I waited for several minutes with only the cold stopping me from breaking into a cold sweat, when Vicky walked out.  She was closely followed by four beautiful women wearing similar ribbon's and heels.  Vicky just smiled looking at her watch shaking her head.  She told me that my time was up, and that I would have to live out the rest of my days as Caitlyn.  I stammered and tried to interrupt her, but she kept on talking.  

Once that was done... the cap was done.  I know I went off the reservation a bit for the challenge.... but I couldn't resist the story once it got going. 

So you tell me... did I succeed at this cap challenge?


  1. And you'd have gotten away with it if it hadn't been for us meddling kids!

    Great job Caitlyn! I only really had to suspend my disbelief in one instance .. that Petra was the "brains" behind the whole thing!

    I'm glad that you took up the challenge, and I think that the humor came through very well. You also captured the Havenettes personalities distinctly too!

    I had faith all along that you would create something well worth reading, and I hope that everyone that views this series will comment, even if it is just to say, "GREAT JOB!"

    And, next time I'll try to make the challenge harder LOL

  2. I think you did an outstanding job Caitlyn! The humor was very evident and I laughed more then a few times. I really got the feeling you enjoyed putting your self into the situation.

    I'm happy to have helped you out as well, I love the fact that in the first draft for the ending, I'm the one that gift wrapped you. *giggle* I would sooo do that!

    Also, I don't remember telling you about the blow job black mail fantasy.. How did you know!?

  3. Thank you kindly ladies! I really REALLY had a fun time writing this. Even though it stressed me out a bit NOT doing it right away. But once I got going and set a tone, it was just a blast to keep taking it a step further.

    @ Jennifer

    I did enjoy putting myself in those situations. And I have you to thank for that. Your recent 'Jennifer Opus' helped me realize that not only could I get more by putting me in the cap, that I may be able to project a more 'real' atmosphere. I know I've used 'Calvin and Caitlyn' in caps before, but it was a fictisious me. While I added a bit of humor to my reactions, I tried to anchor it in reality. Like the communication methods. If I were writing it up like any other story 'Calvin' could have contacted everyone via PM to keep the Haven aspect... but (I know you know this, but for everyone else) I really to talk to Martha and you over IM more than at the Haven.

    Heh... I figured you would like the 'wrapping' part. I'm sad that it had to be cut.

    And about the blow job blackmail. No, you haven't ever mentioned that to me, but with all the chats and RPs we've had, I figured we would more than likely share that same fantasy *blush*.

  4. Also I got another 'question' regarding this:

    "don't like correcting people in public, there are a few spelling errors, like showing instead of showering in cap 3 ..."

    I have now fixed that error, as well as a few others I found. I'll be honest I am a HORRIBLE speller (ask anyone I IM with). It is one of the big reasons I use Word. Unfortunately Showing is spelled correctly, but does not mean the same as Showering.

    Now this person hit me up in private, so I won't say who they were, but I will say this: I really don't mind being corrected or criticized in public. If I feel that I can 'get away' with something, my default position is to go ahead and get away with it. But that doesn't help me learn. And it doesn't help me get better.

    Especially when it comes to spelling errors, I like it to be pointed out to me. Once the cap is posted, I really don't go over them with a fine tooth comb. When I make a cap like this that I really really enjoy, I get excited at the end and want to share it quickly. So I may skimp out on a final read through.

    So please, if anyone ever sees anything wrong, or anything they don't like, tell me. If you don't want to do it publicly, then send me a 'question' about it and I'll fix it.

  5. @ Caitlyn

    I Don't remember many typos in the story, But I was enjoying reading it so I wasn't paying attention to anything like that. I was just drawn into the story and got lost for a bit. ^_^

    I'm happy that my recent story inspired a bit of this, I completely picked up on you putting your self in a what if situation. The IM'ing me and Martha was a very nice touch.

    I did get a lot more out of my story, I just has to write it out as if It really was taking place. It's a lot of fun to write up and fantasize about.

    I've used The name Jennifer and the name Jeremy in my caps before, But like you it was a fictitious me In the caption. It's a completely different thing with my last story, and you got a different feeling from this story you did. It felt more like you in the caption.

    The wrapping part is great, but your new ending was much better.

    And I already mentioned this to you earlier in IM, but I have had that fantasy many time. ^_^ I'm sure a lot of our fantasy's would play out just perfectly for us, no matter who's mind it came from. *giggle*

  6. Don't worry about little mistakes in spelling and grammar. Some people are really anal about it though. I say just try your best and as long as it is comprehensible and does not distract fom the overall story it is ok. Of course there are people out there that if they see one single incorrect sentence structure or maybe even a double negative they will go bananas. To those ppl I say take the banana out of their ass.

    Most of the times I write my caps straight on comic life or photoshop, neither has spell check but I like to see the layout right away. Writing the text on the picture gives me the flexibility to adjust the length of descriptions, etc. I don't have anyone proof read it either. It's just a TG cap, not a phd thesis! Relax.

  7. On a side note, Jennifer in the last picture is already on her knees ready to suck cock like the little cock whore that she is. ;-)

  8. Very nice series and idea you created here Caitlyn. :) You know I'm always here if you need some advice .. I'm sure I'd come here too first after I got changed into a woman. :)

    I feel honored that you included me to this nice cap. Very well done!
    I'm looking forward to Dee's next challenges. :)


  9. I'm glad to have been a part of this, glad that you count me amongst friends. And I'm also glad you managed to caption yourself, perhaps you'll find it easier to do so in the future.