Sunday, February 6, 2011

Office Staff

Late night at the office, a wish, and a hard cock?

I figured since I haven't posted caps for a few day's I'll go ahead and double up and post two today.

This is another that I did for Vicki over at the Haven.   If you don't know or remember from my previous cap for her, she is a real 100% woman who likes caps changing her into a shemale.  This is one of the rare instances that I found pics of a shemale that I thought would work great for a cap.  Sadly the story is an instance where I got stuck on a line and never really got away from it to tell a compelling story.

Office Staff... cock... get it?  The pictures gave me that coy thought, and the story wrote itself out fairly quickly.  I can imagine doing better now, but I really wish I would have taken more time then and written a better story.  The pics being so rare deserved it.

Anyway, its certainly not my favorite, but it is funny.

1 comment:

  1. I see nothing wrong with the caption, other than the "epilogue" where she actually GETS the whole punchline. I'd probably have left that out. I think most people reading (well, maybe not Martha :P) had figured it out by that point.

    Instead, I might have put in a line that once she figured out what happened and how all her work had been completed because of it, she decided to jerk off her way into a corner office.