Thursday, July 30, 2015

How Did I Get Here?

Maybe by reading stories on Fictionmania?

How did I get here? This wedding is everything.  Everybody needs it to go off without a hitch.  My sister Anne gets to marry her true love, and her groom to be Allister inherits his family’s wealth.   My parents were so desperate to impress Anne’s future in-laws that they paid a fortune for the perfect ceremony and couldn’t afford to do so again.   

So when Anne got caught trying to cross the Mexican American border with 2 pounds of pure heroin, mom and dad were desperate.  They couldn’t possibly get her back in time… so they demanded that I step in.  That I play the part of Anne for the day.  I felt myself shake remembering that story from Fictionmania… Pinch Hit Bride.  Everybody seemed to be part of this masquerade.  The bride’s maids took me to the bridal suite and completed a magical transformation.  Shaving my body baby smooth, gluing the breast forms on and adding to my new curves with a tightly boned corset. 

The addition of lingerie, heels, and a wig made me indistinguishable from Anne.  Make up and the dress made me… made Anne look glamorous and beautiful.  I barely had time to marvel at the mirror before I was swept away for the photographs.  As I stand and pose with Allister, I feel my heart race.  He’s determined to keep up the charade as his hands wander over my body and his lips caress mine.  I couldn’t help but feel a shiver run up my spine as he leans in and whispers “You look so much like Anne that I can’t wait until the honeymoon!”

His tone may have been joking but his growing manhood pressing into my plush rear tells me all I need to know.  So here I am, forced to play the part of the blushing bride.  Everyone is counting on me, and even my groom to be seems to be enjoying this. 

So how did I get here?  By paying a friend to hide some heroin into my sister’s bag of course! 

source:  Google Images 


  1. Oh that TWIST!

    This is a full blown caption. It's just brilliant with a hint of meta. Also, I wonder if I can use the image for something else later. . .

  2. Delightful. And I laughed at the (happy) ending there.