Monday, July 27, 2015

Lee's Fantasy. Anne's Reality.

Fantasy shouldn't always become reality.

When Lee shared his fetish of dressing up as a woman with his wife Sarah, he never expected her to embrace it as fully as she did.  She just loved the feel of a big strong masculine man too much to ever tolerate a feminized sissy… or so he thought.   It started out innocently enough.  Him wearing a pair of her panties while they made love.  But every week brought something new to their game.  Stockings, and corsets, and bras.  Makeup, and wigs, and outfits.   Bondage, and discipline, and spankings.  Cunnilingus, and chastity, and cuckoldry.    

In January of 2014 Lee was a successful lawyer.  In July of 2015 Lee was no more.   He had lost his job and was now living full time as Anne…. His wife’s sissy maid.  Lee’s games had become Anne’s life.  Miss Sarah was a strict task mistress and gave Anne a list of chores to complete each and every day.  Any deviation from her list earned her a spanking over Sarah’s knees.  Any sign of masculinity earned her the same. 

Lee’s “little clitty”, as Miss Sarah demanded he call his penis, had been locked away for three months now.  That didn’t slow down their bedroom activity though as Anne would spend most nights lapping away at Sarah’s sweet pussy while she described her fantasy of a threesome involving Sarah, Anne, and some hunky mystery man.

Today’s chore list seemed awfully light to Anne.  Dusting, laundry, and practicing her pole dancing.  That was until she heard the door open.  As Anne turned her mouth opened wide as she saw Sarah escorting her boss Roger inside. 

source:  fuskator 


  1. Be careful what you wish for is the operant phrase when turning fantasy into reality.

  2. That detergent is an abbreviation for exactly what I'm thinking, "Dat Azz!"

    If/When Leeanne's male self retires, are we all invited to the Sissy Coming Out Ball? My apartment REALLY needs a good thorough cleaning! Leeanne is much better than I at getting down on your knees.

    1. And of course, you and all of my sweet friends would receive a "special" cleaning bonus.

  3. Hmmm. this sounds oddly familiar to me. And I love it! Thank you sweetie.