Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Obscura - His and Hers Pools

No double dipping!

The pools were centuries old.  No one knew how they came to be, and no one knew how the cult gained ownership of them.  But everybody strived to use them.  The guys all used the masculine pool to get buff, while they brought their dates to use the feminine pool.  Most women loved the effect on their bodies.  And those that didn’t?  Well the guys made them community girls and showed them just how their new bodies could be used before being thrown back out on the street. 

Lucas seemed to be the only guy that realized both pools had use for the guys.  When he needed the body of an Alpha god he’d spend a few hours in the masculine pool.  But when he needed his regular every day body back, he’d dip his does into the feminine pool just long enough to transform him from Alpha god to mere Alpha stud. 

Today though, Lucas slipped.  Instead of dipping a toe into the pool he fell in head first.  He quickly tried to jump back out but the pools powers had already reduced his muscle mass and height enough that he couldn’t even pull himself out.  Terror overcame him as he felt his body continue to change.  His wet hair cascading past his shoulders, his new proud breasts pushing up and out, his dainty hands clutching hew now tight bikini bottom and the edge of the pool. 

Trenton’s voice made him look back in fear…. “Hey babe!  Are you with one of the brothers, or are you a community girl?”

source: fuskator 


  1. its been very hot here today i could do with a dip in a pool. which one to chose ?

  2. Oh my! What a deliciously evil outcome.