Thursday, July 9, 2015

Obscura - A Little More Attractive

Just a compulsion or two...

“Wow, so you were able to get him under completely?”

“Yup.  And once they’re at that point it’s so easy to put in a compulsion or two.  For instance just to see how much I could push him, I added a simple one… each and every time he sees a mirror he’ll feel compelled to make himself a little more attractive.  I still have to work on it though… I wanted him to feel compelled to go work out every time he saw his scrawny body, but instead whenever he saw his own reflection he grabbed some of my makeup and tried to put it on.”

“Oh… maybe he didn’t understand what you meant by attractive.  Maybe because he never thought of himself as attractive, his compulsion made him try to look more like you.”

“Yeah… probably.  When I get back from this business trip I’ll put him back under and just take the compulsion out.  And don’t worry, I covered up all the mirrors in the house so he wouldn’t have any problems.  Oh… wait... no he probably wouldn’t go in there…”

“What?  Go in where?”

“Well there’s the small mirror in the second bathroom.  The one next to the storeroom where we put store stuff.  My old clothes, Halloween costumes, and my old cosmetics.   But it shouldn’t be a problem.  I’m sure he won’t go in there.”

source:  Simone's Tumbler