Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chick Magnet

Transformative music indeed!

I don't really recall much about making this cap.  I do recall seeing this image and just knowing that there was a cap in it somewhere.  According to the post I wrote when I originally posted this on the Haven, I thought it was a biker getting transformed.  Sadly I have no memory of that original idea.

I do remember searching furiously for a picture of Melissa Etheridge to put into the MP3 player.


  1. Nice attention to detail. Great transition of picture color and background color. An awesome cap all and all.

  2. Seems like a fun transformation idea. Great job.

    I did some kind of music change as well in the past, but not in this result. I think I've been inspired right now to do that. I know I have some kind of picures around that would fit that type of caption.

    Once again, great job.