Monday, December 13, 2010

Maid To Do It!

Big tittied maid!

Another of my earlier works.  Sadly like "Training" I don't recall much about the process. But as I read this, I can tell that I still hadn't found my current vibe.  Right now I really enjoy writing about the transformation, and then the acts of humiliation.  In this cap I all but ignore the transformation, and instead of 'showing' the humiliation through the story, I simply 'tell' you about it.

At 5 panels, it is one of my 'longer' works, but you can see that it was mainly a way to use more images.  The text is very large.  Text wise, I wouldn't call this long at all.  I've now written single panel caps that have more text than this.  But again, I blame that on still being new(ish) to capping.  Reading it now, I see many (MANY) places that I would love to just thrown in a lot more details.  For instance when Mr. Loomis first talks to Kira, I am just giving his dialog but not giving much to Kira's response beyond 'Kyle was fuming'.

Design wise I see promise here, but I don't like the end result. I really liked the image that I used in the background (of the ballgag), but its is a little overpowering.  And the text..... ick.  I have no idea why I chose that font.  Even at this size, it is a pain to read.   And to make it all worse, I chose purple.  Really??? Purple?  There is absolutely nothing purple in these images for the text to bounce off of.  A dark golden/yellow would probably have worked, and if nothing else a good classic black.  Then the title could be a fancy color to make it stand out.

I think this series shows promise of things to come, more than anything.  I like the image selection, and the framework of the story.  I would use certain design aspects, and learn from others.

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  1. I agree with you. This is a nice piece of work but I've seen better work from you. Albeit, this caption is leaps and bound better than most of the caps floating on the internet. By the way you misspelled at the end, it should be "Made to do it." ;-)