Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It Pleases Her

My latest cap

So I wanted to try something different.  I've seen several caps written completely as one person speaking to another.  It isn't a two way conversation, it is just that one person's part of the conversation.  I really liked the feeling it invoked... especially if the other person in the 'conversation' doesn't have much to say.

I also wanted to try my hand at making this unspoken person feel humiliation, but without their words. It has to be done completely through the actions mentioned by the speaker.  Like her moans, and then them turning into screams of pleasure.  Or the hesitant way she went about pleasuring herself.  The way she stopped when she grabbed 'it'.  Now as I read it, I can see that humiliation, but I'm not sure if it comes through.  I sold out a bit at the end, and added the quote about her humiliation directly.  I did that not only because I wasn't sure if I got the point across well enough, but also because the person I made this cap for (cronus) specifically asked for humiliation.

So when I started by searching for an image, I started looking for a very particular type of masturbation.  cronus mentioned in her preferences that she likes masturbation (I looooooove masturbation is how she put it).  So I started looking for an image of a woman working a dilldo in her pussy, but I wanted her hand on the dildo to look like she was a man masturbating (ya know... underhanded).  I thought it would be an easy image to find, and that I would have my selection of images.  But it turns out that women in photos (at least the ones I looked at) didn't hold their dildos that way.  so I kept changing the search parameters around and around.  Luckily this image came up and I LOVED the expression in her eyes.

Even though it didn't fit with what I originaly had in mind, the story I saw here was better.  I saw the image as this woman suprised that she was holding a real cock.  So I started with that as my ending.  Now the nice thing about writing with only one person's voice is that I really can't explain how this person got here.  Oh I could, but that would be a really oddly stilted conversation.  So I just started with this voice telling our target how to masturbate.  The only part that gave me pause was grabbing her 'fuck stick'.  I wanted our target to at least think it is a dildo.... but after my first draft I couldn't even tell that the person speaking was a woman.  And of course if you read that narrator as a man, then he is just telling our target to grab his cock.  That really ruins the ending.  So I had to use a little more forceful dialog to get the point across that the narrator is in fact a woman.

I only just finished this, so obviously right now I'm happy with it.  I'll see how I feel about this as time passes.


  1. Lovely Job!I Think you got humiliation coming through in the story. The ending is a great example of it, of course I do enjoy how she brings it back to the things that please her.

    The layout is gorgeous as always too. ^_^

  2. It comes across wonderfully. Great detail in the specifics of the masturbation and the responses it causes in the unheard from victim. I can only think of one story I've told from this perspective myself. "You can't tell me what to do" but I really like it when it works as well as it does here.

  3. yes i like it too, i want to take in my mouth, nice cap...

  4. Great cap: a slow burn into humiliated slavedom. Everything comes alive at its own pace: what happened before and what will happen in the future. Love it.