Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Daily Facials

A product just BEGGING to be part of a dirty cap!

So one day while shopping I noticed this product on the shelf:

Olay Daily Facials Cleansing Cloths

I had to stifle a laugh thinking of a cap something like this one.  I didn't think a guy walking through the cosmetics department giggling to himself would seem that appropriate.  Now I don't normally get many ideas of caps from every day life.  I guess I just don't look at real life through Caitlyn's eyes.  But this one stayed with me.

Sadly this idea came to me during a period where I wasn't feeling creative at all.  So it just stayed in the back of my head.  Once I got the ball rolling again and was capping regularly I decided it was time to use it.  I looked at my cap debt, and realized I was far overdue to pay back Kira (XtremeCSSA on the Haven).  This seemed right up her alley as she loves extreme caps.

So all I had was the idea of using Olay Daily Facials some how making the wearer experience a facial.  So obviously I needed a pic of someone receiving a facial.  Off to Google Image search I went.  Now let me tell you, there are PLENTY of facial shots on the internet.  Having so many made my job better (I could select a visually beautiful and interesting image), and worse (I had to sift through tons of bad photos).  I came upon this image and figured it was almost perfect.  I double checked Kira's preferences to make sure that a cultural change would be o.k.  Thankfully she loves all colors of the rainbow so I had now found my image.

The image to me shows signs of both disgust and relief.  So I figure she had just received a facial, but that it was now over.  I mulled a bit, and came across the idea that for whatever reason our hero had tired out one of these cleansing cloths, and had been forced to receive a facial.  Better yet, she had to use all of the cloths, and for each one would receive a facial.  I liked it, and figured Kira would like it as well.

So I began writing.  I had the majority of the story as you see it here fairly quickly (at that point it ended with "....complain to their sister-sluts".  I really enjoyed writing up the 'instructions'!  So I then went to Photoshop to lay out the cap.  I came across a problem fairly quickly.... the watermark on the photo was fairly large, and would take quite a bit of effort to remove.  I was in a groove, and didn't want to lose my mojo, so instead of removing it, I figured I could come across an image to cover it up.  Obviously the best image is exactly what spurred this idea.  A product shot of Olay Daily Facials.    Searching for the perfect image, I came across a picture of the re-fill pack.  Immediatly I realized that the story would be 'extended' a little bit!  So I grabbed the image of the Daily Facials, and for the refill pack and placed them in the cap.

I then went back to word and added the last paragraph.  I really got a kick out of his girlfriend 'helping' out by getting him a refill.

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