Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Click Click Click

"Dream and give yourself permission to envision a You that you choose to be"

This is one of my favorite caps to date.  I'm sure you'll recognize the image as it is used as the background here.

I had a very vivid dream one night.  It involved changing into a form similar to what you see here.  Many of the details of the original dream have faded, but I still remember that click click click sound of me walking around in my new heels.  As a visual person, I normally focus on and remember visual details from dreams, but in this instance the sound of stilettos clicking around on hardwood floors, echoing around really really stands out.

I have had a few vague tg/tf/femme dreams before, but I was always a viewer of the change, not the participant. This was the very first (and to date, ONLY) time I dreamed of being changed.  The dream stuck with me all day.  I was in class taking notes as I should, but I wasn't thinking of bio-chemistry... I was thinking of heels and pink stockings.

Once I got home, I booted up the computer with the sole intent of making this cap.  I had already lost some of the details, and didn't want to lose anymore.  The first thing I had to do was find an image.  As I mentioned before, I HATE searching for images that have to match something I have either written, or have a visage of in my head.    This was no exception.  I didn't just want, I NEEDED this image to be stilettos on a hardwood floor.  I NEEDED the image to have pink stockings.  And preferably I wanted the image of a woman leaning over a couch or chair.

I must have searched for hours with no luck.  I would always find one or two of the details I needed, but never found all of them.  The image used here is no exception.   It had the heels and hardwood, but the stockings were bright blue.  And with all the bright colors in the background you didn't continue to focus on the woman.  But it was the best of the bunch that I found.

So I threw the image into Photoshop and pulled all of the color out of the image.  It still didn't work, as now the woman was lost in the background, and when you did focus, you focused entirely on her ass, not her stockings and/or heels.  So I went through and colored in the stockings and heels to make them pop. I played around a bit to get the brightness just right, and now really appreciate the extra effort put in.  This doesn't match exactly with the dream, but it is damn close.

The dream wasn't laid out in the perfect little story form you see here.  As with most dreams it was disconnected and focused more on my thoughts, than any actions.  So I wrote the story up as a translation to the dream.  If anything is lacking here, it is the story.  I was still early into my capping, and focused most of the stories on external things.  If I were to make this today, it would focus more on the internal thoughts and struggles.  And even then I don't think I have the ability to put into words the feelings that I felt.

The pure unadulterated JOY of being a sexy woman walking around in her new heels.  Each echo sending shivers of pleasure down my spine.  While at the same time the abject horror of losing all traces of maleness.  Each echo a reminder that life was now vastly different.

Anyway... this still stands as one of my favorite caps.  It may just be from the memory it brings of the dream, but that doesn't bother me at all!


  1. Great caption. I only remember dreaming about being in a woman's body once and it was a sexy black woman. The only thing I can remember from it was walking around and feeling the movements of my hips.

  2. Sexy, sexy, sexy!

    Loved it and envy Calvin in this one...

    Lucky girl. :3 ~

  3. Wow! I just discovered your captions and I am blown away by your choice of images and your stories. You eye for color and layout is fantastic too!