Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sea Shells

Another early cap.

This is another early cap I did at the Haven.  I created this the same day I did "Poor Choice of Words", "Thank you Eleanor" and "Exec to Sec".  Looking at the posting times on the Haven, I see it took me all of 29 minutes to make this.  Thats from me posting "Poor Choice of Words" to posting this!

I remember that I was still trying out different styles, and wanted to try one with the words over the photo, instead of in their own box, or around the photo(s).  Once I found the image, I got the basic idea of the story (man on the beach in new female body wishing for his girlfriend to join him), and started writing.  The problem was getting the idea across that he was thinking these thoughts.  Now I know that it would have come across easily, but it didn't look right to me at the time.  So I finally settled on the idea of writing the cap as a note to his girlfriend.  That of course took a little time to find an image I could use for paper, then transferring the story to Photoshop and lining it up.  As I've said before, I really don' t like these style of fonts, but it seemed more fitting as it was a note after all.  I did try a font that was even more 'handwritten' in style, but it just didn't look good (and was kinda hard to read).

Overall I like this cap.  It is one of the rare non-naughty non-long caps of mine that I still enjoy.  I normally don't go for the happy fuzzy feeling, but this just feels right.  

The mere thought that I created this in such a short time still amazes me.  My normal turn around time from wanting to create a cap, to posting it is about 2 or 3 hours.  I can't recall the last time (and this may have been the last time right here!) that I did it in under 30 minutes.

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