Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fifth, Second, and New Anniversaries

A new direction for me.  Raunchy and.... Love?

This is a new cap I made for Martha over at the Haven.  Martha and I have been trading back and forth for awhile.  She recently made a new cap for me (which I love by the way!) and I wanted to repay her with a special cap.  Martha had a recent addition to her preferences that I wanted to hit on.  She wants a cap that would be a follow up to a previous cap.  She put it as: "I'd like to see how my life continues."

Now I had two caps for Martha.  One involving 'him' turning into a Milf and seducing her own roommate, and another joke cap with her and Petra turning into a blonde and a redhead and fighting about which is more of a bimbo.

Neither really sets itself up for a 'Years Later...' cap follow up (although now that I think about it, seeing Petra and Martha still fighting years down the road would be kinda funny!).  So I thought for awhile about picking someone else's cap and making a follow up, but I am developing my own visual style, and didn't want to clash with someone else's style.   That really only left me the option of creating a new cap, and then a part two, set years later.

So last night I was talking to several friends through IM (Thanks Jennifer for getting 'Caitlyn' back into IM!), and it really helped me get into the mood.  When the mood hits, you listen to the mood.  I listened and started searching for an image to use.

I had been thinking for awhile on what I wanted for Martha.  I knew she liked the Great Shift, so I planned on using that.  Sadly I don't know the 'rules' for the Great Shift universe.  I've read a few stories, but never really studied them.  I learned quite a bit from Martha and Jennifer and realized it worked with an earlier idea I had.

It was of the subject 'coaching' a friend on how to be more dominant with his girlfriend.  Then the subject would somehow end up in the body of the girlfriend living through the coaching himself.  Obviously this little idea didn't have much to it.  It could be a witch, a curse, a wish... just about any magic could do it.  And since I didn't have many details, I could still pick about any photo to work with.

Knowing that Martha likes snapshot style photos, I focused in on that.   I found quite a few very sexy images of women in various stages of coitus that wold work, but they were all models, or at least professorially photographed.  When I came across this image, I saved it, but kept looking.  But the more I looked, the more I liked this image.  The position (on all fours), the setting (bedroom), the details (not naked, but mostly undressed) and the look on her face (eyes closed.. not excited) all started to write the story for me.

So now I had the basics for the first half.  I then made a decision that I normally don't do.  I would write out the first part, without setting up the ending to the second part.  This would help me have the second part really be a 'Years Later' and not just a direct continuation of the first one.  I wouldn't be able to put details in the first part, that I could feed off of in the second part.  I would just have to deal with what was written.

As I had been thinking of this first part for a week or so, I was able to quickly write out the story as you see it.  The only change I had to make was due to my lack of knowledge about the Great Shift.  When writing, I thought that the great shift just suddenly happened.  So I had Niels thinking about his 'coaching' session while watching a video, and then BAM he found himself in Martha's body with a cock in his mouth.  After sharing the outline with Jennifer, she informed that there is a blackout period when the Great Shift happened.  So I had to change the ending a little.  And to make it flow, I had to change the beginning of the coaching session.  Basically just add the "wait for her to wake up" and "Babe its time you gave me the blow job that I've been needing"  parts.

I went into Photoshop, made the layout and just left space for the title.  If it was the only part I would have thought of a title, but I wanted the title to encompass both parts.

Now I had to tackle the 'Years Later' part.  My fist decision was to find an image that looked similar to the model in the first cap.  Obviously it didn't have to look just like her, but I wanted someone similar enough that you could believe it is the same person.  That was a pain.  I didn't have an idea of what I wanted, so I had ot use VERY generic terms like 'brunet', 'woman', 'nice woman'.  I saw some images that I liked, but none of them looked anything like the woman in the first cap.  But it started directing my story.  The first photo was of a woman sitting on the porch of a nice looking house.  I figured Martha had gotten married, and was reminiscing on her past life.  so I started looking for 'woman porch' and 'woman swing'.  This didn't turn up what I was looking for, but I found a very nice photo of a woman and her two children.  Suddenly Martha was either pregnant, or at least HAD a child.  So I searched for 'brunette mother' and 'brunette woman with baby'.  It took a few pages of searching, but I came up with the pic you see.

So naturally I made this the ending of the second cap.  Martha just gave birth to her child.  I went to writing, and found it difficult to stay on task.  I was trying to tell the story of 4 or 5 years, in a single page.  I had to prune out quite a bit while writing.  One section that I was sad to see go was explaining the person who ended up in Niels' body.  He was a rich man that couldn't stand the thought of being in a poor student's body.  That lead to the suicide  It was a nice side story, but I had to cut it for space.  I feel bad leaving in the suicide, but I had already based Martha's acceptance on that fact.  After I had a pretty good story, I realized I had focused on the anniversaries, and then told the story of Martha's pregnancy.  I figured it would be nice to intersperse the stories a little bit, so I changed it around, to put in the little clues like "...tears of pure joy", "pleasure matched today", and "not pretty, but more feminine".  Of course with being coy, it got a little confusing.  So I played around with the text being different fonts, colors and sizes, and finally settled on the blue italicized text being Martha reminiscing, while the black text was her current thoughts.

Overall I like the cap.  It has that 'nasty, raunchy' feel in the first part that I like, but really has a soft loving story in the end.  I was nervous about letting it out, as that is not my normal style.  I wasn't even sure if Martha would like it (I'm pretty sure she would like the first part!).  I hemmed and hawed for awhile before finally posting it.  I figured that if I had missed my mark, and no one liked it, I could at least learn from the experience.  Plus after putting 5+ hours into it, I was damned well going to have it out there!

In the end it seems that it was exactly what Martha was looking for.  I am so glad that she likes it!

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  1. I loved the story, the first part is.. wow. Really hits my buttons. ^_^ The second part though, I enjoy a sweet ending every now and then and you did a wonderful job with this one. I really enjoyed the lay out as well, the colors you chose, the way the pic's were set, and the text looked great next to every thing.

    And I'm glad to get you back on IM. It's a pleasure chatting with you, and we share so many int interests it's just a delight. ^_^