Thursday, December 9, 2010

For Justine?

Bondage, maids and XXX, oh my!

Oranie made a cap for me over at the Haven and this was my return to her.

I started with the preferences and found plenty to work with:

I clearly prefer when i'm forced or don't have the choice...not really in the voluntary things.
I prefer full (memory retention) but unable to control my own body.
Transformation favorites: bondage, bimbotization, french maid...
Ratings:   any (the higher the better)
Forced must be a part of every cap. I'm never the beginning.

So Oranie wants to be forced, and not voluntary in the least.  She likes bondage, bimbos, french maids, and XXX rating (or XXXX if I can do that!).  I think I can accomplish that, so I start searching out images that will spark a story.  I start looking for french maids, but I have been a little burned out on french maid pics.  Don't get me wrong... I like french maids just fine, but they aren't sparking any stories lately.  So I turn to the bondage motif.  I find several that are interesting, but don't get the juices flowing.  Then I come upon these images.  There are several to choose from, so I know that I can let my writing go longer if need be.

I really liked the first image a lot.  It may be as simple as the perspective (looking down at the subject while she struggles to return the look), but it really struck me.  Sadly it isn't XXX (yea yea I know, its a naked bound woman, but I wanted a little more 'in your face' XXX action), so I didn't want it to be my final image.  As there were plenty of XXX to choose from, I decided to start writing without an end game in mind.

I had the idea of a sporting bet going on in my head, and went with that.  But the image demanded to be used.  I kept imaging this girl looking up and being surprised at the situation, so I just started with the 'Wakey Wakey' part, then went into explaining how she got there.  I was going along fine until I came upon the bet.  My original thought was for American football (NFL or College), but Oranie hails from France.  Sadly I know NOTHING about french sporting interests.  The only thing I know about international sports is that Soccer is the most popular sport around the world.  I figured (hoped?) that Ornaie would be a fan of Soccer.

So I had to do a little digging to figure out which teams that a french citizen may root for.  I was going for big names and hopefully would land a 'New York Yankees' or 'Dallas Cowboys' type name.  Thank god for wikipedia.  I came across not only two popular French teams, but two popular teams from Paris. Paris Saint-Germain, and Olympique de Marseille.  These teams seemed to be bitter rivals for many many years.

So that finished off the first portion of the story.  I so far had bondage, a (future) maid, and a character that I was really liking.  The second part came fairly easily as I wanted to focus on the bimboization, the lack of voluntary control, and of course the XXX.

I liked how this one turned out.  It doesn't hit many of my own buttons, but I think it lived up to what I intended it to be.  

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