Monday, September 7, 2015

Bi-Curious Weekend

Aren't you at least a little curious?

Maggie’s parents were a little overprotective.  While away on their annual Europe trip neither Maggie nor her sister Anne were allowed to have boys over.  But we had the prefect plan.  A wig, a little makeup, and a fake name were all that was needed.  Now instead of a boy staying overnight, all the neighbors would see is Maggie and one of her girlfriends from school.   We joked that Maggie was going to satisfy her friend’s bi-curiosity. 

Friday night was full of passion and fun.  Maggie had me wear a pair of frilly panties while we made love and we even played out some of her lesbian fantasies.  I don’t care that she dressed me in panties, a bra, and slutty makeup while shaved baby smooth… I could lay between those creamy thighs and lick her out forever! 

Saturday morning I begged off joining Maggie while she went shopping for food.  Being seen as a girl by my girlfriend and even the neighbors was fine, but I didn’t want to flaunt off my faux femininity to anybody else.  When the door opened I propped myself in what I assumed to be a sexy pose and said in my best Marilyn Monroe whisper “Your bi-curious girl is ready for you baby!”

I must have blushed 8 different shades of red when I saw Anne and her boyfriend instead of my sweet Maggie.   Her boyfriend had a look of thinly veiled lust on his face.  While that look was extremely disturbing it was Anne’s look that bothered me more.  There I saw the same thinly veiled lust.  There I saw scheming.  And there I saw recognition. 

Her whispered words were simple enough as we watched her beau rub the growing bulge in his jeans.  Play along and no one gets in trouble.  Balk and not only would Maggie get in big trouble, but her boyfriend would beat the living shit out of me. 

I couldn’t see a way out and was shaking as Anne had me kneel in front of her boyfriend… it seems that whether I liked it or not this was going to be a real bi-curious weekend.

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