Monday, September 21, 2015


What stands between two Alphas?

It went against the odds, but somehow Chad, Jenny, and I were best friends.  I was the glue that held our group together as both Chad and Jenny were true Alphas.  If it wasn’t for me always suggesting the perfect compromise they’d be at each other’s throats.  It didn’t help that both Jenny and Chad were normally going after the same girl.  They both loved finding a young, demure, naïve girl and molding her into their perfectly submissive sexual partner.  They’d constantly argue about which was more intoxicating.  Chad argued that training a girl to be on her hands and knees with his cock buried in her mouth was the highest of highs.  Jenny argued that changing her partners sexuality and having her squeal while her tongue danced between her thighs was the ultimate rush. 

I was stuck in between them and frankly a little sick and tired of their debate so I suggested they find someone and get them into a threesome.  Whomever the girls submitted to… Chad’s masculinity or Jenny’s femininity… would be the winner.  I didn’t think they’d go for it and I never in a million years thought they’d pick me to be their test subject.  They both knew I submitted to them in my own way, but when they focused all their attention on me I was helpless. 

Here we are a year later.  The hormones have worked their magic making my skin smooth and my breasts firm and bouncy.  Jenny had me move in with her and had me dressing in every feminine way imaginable.  Chad took me to my yoga and Pilates classes every week, and the stylist every weekend.  Together they molded me into that young, demure, naïve girl they both so strongly desired.  And with Chad’s cock diving repeatedly into my mouth and Jenny’s tongue dancing between my thighs I can honestly say that they’re both right.  This is the highest of highs and the ultimate rush!

source:  fuskator

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  1. Great Obscura! I really liked the last line. Poor Chad and Jenny only get to experience one half of the equation.