Saturday, September 26, 2015

You are what you hear

Just be around people who say nice things!

The spell worked perfectly.  I fit into everyone’s expected dream world.  When I stopped at the light on my way to school I heard a salesman in the Ford lot say “Shouldn’t everyone be driving around in a new truck?”  Hitting the gas pedal on my new Ford F150 instead of my beater truck was awesome. 

When I parked in the student lot I heard one of the girls say to her friend “Anybody who can afford a new truck should be able to dress himself better.”  By the time I got to class my new designer jeans, retro t-shirt, and basketball sneakers looked sweet. 

At gym class I took it up a notch and walked out onto the football practice field.  The coach yelled out “Hey, only players on the field!”  So I pulled on the helmet now in my hand and took my position behind the center. 

Then I got called into the principal’s office.  As I waited I could hear him and some male teacher talking. 

“Oh I got Calvin the new quarterback out there waiting for me, but it’ll hold.  Lemme tell you, I wish more girls got into trouble…”  Looking down I could see that the uniform didn’t fit my new body at all “…speaking of girls I wish we could put in a classic uniform.  You know, the short tartan skirt, the knee high socks and the simple white blouse.”  The skirt was ridiculously short and I felt a shiver from my now bare thighs. 

“I get where you’re coming from.  On some girls that looks ok, but you know the ones I wish would still come to school were the early bloomers.  The ones who had big full breasts by the time they were 17?”  I could actually see my breasts grow as the buttons pulled apart on my blouse.  “They looked so innocent and so slutty at the same time.  Simple makeup but always with a fresh coat of pink lipstick.”  I could see in the mirror just how flawless my skin had become and could taste the strawberry flavored coating on my lips. 

“Oh sure, but if we’re going fully into fantasy land then she’d look smart but be kind of a bimbo right?  I mean big thick glasses but a tattoo that barely peeked out of her uniform.”  Reaching up to adjust my glasses I giggled as I saw my wrist.  I AM a star!!

“Well I got kick you out and get to my student.  You remember Caitlyn don’t you?  She didn’t do anything wrong but she always believes whatever I tell her.  I think I’m going to give her a spanking today!”