Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Naked Truth

What will you see when you strip it all away?

When I saw this set of images (found here), I didn't initially think I'd find anything to cap.   But when I saw that it was a set from suicide girls, I just had to take a longer look.   Suicide Girls has quite a few things working for them.  First, the girls they have all look amazing.  They don't quite fit the elegant seductive ladies that I often like, but that sexy punk look really REALLY works too!  And while their photography isn't overly creative, it does have a constant quality that I really appreciate.

The biggest problem with the first few pictures in the set was... her face.  She's cute enough but not in a direction that normally captures my attention.  And as much as I like piercings, I don't like the type of nose ring used here and I really find the piercing above the lip (I think it's called a Medusa Piercing) to be quite unappealing.  So I just went through the motions and glanced at the photos.  The one I finally used made me stop though.  It was cropped and lined up perfectly.  It didn't show her breasts or her crotch meaning I could write about cross dressing as opposed to a magical change.  It did have her nails in it, but otherwise this could be the image of a man.  At least with a little squinting and our natural cap loving forgiveness.

When I went to write the story I initially just figured it would make a nice Obscura.  But when I finished I saw that it was just about the right length.  Not so long that I'd even have to consider a second panel, but not so short that it was more of a half thought.

So while I didn't originally perceive this to be a cap, I figured I'd go ahead and make it up as one.  I think design wise it's ok... I do like how the story covers up the reflection and I made sure to have a text box that wouldn't get in the way while still allowing the text to be easily read.  The title placement was just a perfect happenstance.  I laid the text out and lined up the words as I wanted them and noticed that at the size I had them, they almost perfectly fit inside her legs.  A small tweak later and it was finished.

So... this will never go down as one of my better caps and may well have served better as an obscura, but I'm happy enough with it.  Hope you enjoy it too!

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