Friday, September 25, 2015

Set Up To Succeed

He'd never set me up to fail... would he?

Thank God for Roger!  If it wasn’t for him that stupid curse would have been the end of me weeks ago.  That fucking curse that makes my body more feminine every time I feel more feminine.  Before I asked for his help I had already showered and earned a budding pair of breasts.  I tried TV but ended up watching one of those makeover shows, ending with a smooth hairless body.  I even tried reading but could only find a harlequin romance novel.  That kissed my penis goodbye and introduced me to my own tight wet pussy.  Roger believe it when I told him what was going on and vowed to make me feel as manly as possible.

He went out and got me some clothes that fit my new body.  He didn’t know that I always found simple white lingerie to be so sexy, so I tried it all on for him.  With each bra, pair of panties, and set of stockings I could feel my body changing.  Filling them out more properly.  I should have told him no, but he deserved a show for his effort.

The next night he took me out to the nearest dance club.  I couldn’t fault his logic... if I surrounded myself with sexy women I wouldn’t have time to think about being one myself.  But then I got stuck out on the dance floor… man after man came up to me and kept me dancing and writhing on the dance floor feeling more and more sexy.  It’s really my fault that I left his side.

The next morning he directed me to his old barber, saying that if I got this thick luxurious hair cut off that I would feel more like my old self.  How could he know it had re-opened last week as a woman’s salon?  I swear my hair grew by six inches as the just as the stylist washed it.  It’s not his fault that I didn’t just leave. 

This morning I thought his idea of going to the gym was brilliant.  Nothing like a good sweaty workout to feel like a real man.  It’s my fault that I accepted the free trainer for the day.  I mean, how was I supposed to know that Olaf barely spoke English and would put me through a woman’s workout regimen.  He had me doing stretching exercises and bending me into positions no man could ever do for hours on end. 

For a while, I had a sinking feeling that Roger might be setting me up to fail.  His intentions all made sense, but each thing he suggested made me feel more feminine.  Made my body more feminine.  But when he suggested this, I realized he’s always had my best interests at heart.  I mean the more feminine I feel the hornier I get and that arousal, if not tamped down, will lead me to acting more feminine.  So I lie here as he fingers me.  Maybe if he’d just stop talking.

I can appreciate that he’s telling me what he’s not going to do but with his fingers working their magic, with me laying here in his barely covered lap, with us both relaxing in his bed, I can’t help but imagine every act he says he’s not going to do.  He tells me that I’m safe, that he’s not going to lean down and kiss my plump lips.  I can’t help but imagine his lips pressing against mine.  That he’s not going to turn me over and have me suck him off.  Is that his erection pressing into my shoulder?  Am I giving him that?  He tells me that he’s not going to lift me up and plant me down on his hardening cock and fuck me cowgirl style.  Mmm… my breasts would be bouncing right in front of his face that way!  He promises me that he’d never put me up on all fours and take me from behind, pulling my long sexy hair.  Ohhh that sounds so hot!!

I have to thank him properly for helping me.  He deserves this and so much more.   I’m sure this won’t change me much more… and it’s not like he set me up to do this.  I mean that would have been cruel and Roger is so kind and loving and sweet and hard and Mmmphh!

source:  fuskator

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