Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Getting Along

Getting along to get along.

Hey Penny don’t cry.  I know you aren’t exactly happy about this.  I assumed that this is what you wanted, but what exactly should have I expected?  The woman I’m trying to fuck tells me she’s married but that it’s not a problem because he’s a sissy.  I just thought that meant you’d like this… that you’d look forward to me treating you like a girl. 

Look if it helps at all I’m not exactly excited about this myself.  Oh sure, there’s the rush of lording my masculinity over not only a sexy woman but some pretty fem boy.  But I’m attracted to 100% natural women.  You know what, let’s look at this situation clinically.  I love your wife and want to fuck her.  You love your wife and want her to be happy.  To make both of those things happen she asks us to do one thing… get along. 

I know it’s hard but you’ve come a long way.  I mean seriously with a few small exceptions you look very sexy.  Your hair is long and full and having it pulled back with that pink bow is nothing but feminine.  Your face is very pretty… oh yeah, especially when you blush like that.  Maybe it’s the makeup or the situation but I honestly couldn’t tell you have the face of a man.  Your skin is smooth and free of any hair.  Hell, your skin is smoother than your wife’s.  And dressed like you are in panties and those girly girl stockings, you’re a knockout.  I mean sure, you have no breasts and you have the bulge in your panties… what did she call it?  Your clitty cage?  Whatever.  Those are the only visual clues that you aren’t a pretty and nervous girl. 

So you’ve obviously gone a long way to femming yourself up.  You obviously want to please your wife.  Here’s how this is going to work.  I’m not going to look at you as a prettied up boy.  I’m going to treat you like any other girl.  I’m not going to force you into anything.  I AM going to start kissing you and stroking your sexy smooth body.  I’m not going to stop until you are moaning and squirming and begging me to suck my big thick cock. 

Remember, when you get to work you can’t swallow.  Your wife said something about doing that later.  For tonight you’ll finish me off with your hand and let me cum all over your pretty face.  Only when you go into the living room with the proof of our ‘getting along’ all over those pouty lips will your wife be happy and let me fuck her.  We all win in that situation. So just look up at me, give me a smile and we’ll start!

source:  fuskator

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