Sunday, September 20, 2015

Marriage Counseling

It's all about understanding your spouse

Marriage counseling can be hard, but I agreed to it.  I told my wife it had to be more than just sitting in some counselor’s office spilling our hearts out.  That it had to have some concrete results.  So when she found the advertisement for a therapist that promised couples wound understand each other’s issues or their money back I went for it.  We met with the therapist separately and after an hour’s talk I decided that my biggest issue was my wife’s shopping.  That if she could understand how frustrating it was for me when she went out and overspent on everything, that I could be happier.  Next came the exercise portion.  Evidently my wife was experiencing someone going out and spending her money in ways that she didn’t approve.  

If I had known that my wife’s biggest issue was how humiliating it was to give me a blow job I would have never signed up for this!

source:  fuskator

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