Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Girl in the Family

Smile big for the camera!

OK Jerry, I know you’ve had a hard few months but I promise the road gets easier from here on out.  First, I think we’ll give you a new name as you don’t look like a ‘Jerry’ at all any more.  No, we’re not just going to change that y to an I and let you hear your old name all the time… I’m thinking Raven.  Yeah… you’re the first girl I’ve made with black hair.   First?  Oh god, you didn’t think you were the first poor junior exec that I’ve done this to, do you?  Isn’t’ that just precious!  Here, let me introduce you to your new sisters.  

This vision in the body stocking is Lao Po, she was my original business partner years ago.  This beauty in the black panties is Betty, she was the vice president that almost got us pinched by the FBI.  The gal in the pink is a former financial advisor that thought she could black mail me.  And here’s our lovely Clarissa, up until today the youngest of our family.  Since I started with you she just got her first breast augmentation surgery! 

Now everyone get in close for a new family photo.  No No Raven, you stand right here next to me.  Now girls you all know the routine.  Now that Raven is here, Clarissa has been moved up to full sister status.  She’ll get to share my bed once a week and will get her own bed in your room.  Most importantly Clarissa, you no longer have to orally please your sisters any longer.  That honor belongs to Raven now.  Tonight Clarissa will be sleeping with me, so I want Raven to spend the night with you Lao Po.  Be sure to be gentle with her!  Ok now… everyone smile big for the camera!

source:  fuskator

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