Tuesday, September 29, 2015

This is the last time

He's screwed up to many times!

All right that is just the last straw.  How many times do we have to help out your poor brother Charlie?  I mean I’m a good guy right?  He’s your family and since we’ve been married I tried my best to treat him like my family.  When he wanted to go into plumbing I spotted the money to go to school.  God knows how he passed, but he gets his license then claims he can’t find work.  So I throw him a job here.  When he’s finished our faucet is still leaking and now the hot water turns off at random times.  He was an abject failure. 

Oh don’t give me that look.  It’s not like that’s the only time he screwed up!  His dalliance with accounting?  The IRS is still after me.  I let him work on our car when he wanted to be a mechanic.  How exactly does he set a car on fire while checking the pressure in the tires?  I give him the gig to cater the company party and half the staff ends up with food poisoning.  But this?  This is just the end.  Once he fixes this fuck up I’m done with him! 

Wait, what do you mean he can’t come over today!!??  Oh that’s just great.  He goes into some Harry Potter, Gandalf, Raistlin Majere school of magic and card tricks, sells me on the idea of giving you bigger breasts which he ends up casting on me and now he can’t come over to fix it?  What exactly is his excuse this time? 

Selling lingerie and sex toys?  Well, OK.  But if he somehow messes that up I’m done with him!

source:  omsastuff

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