Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Early Morning Jog

You have to exercise!

It’s easy to keep hidden away while my body changes into this feminine form.  I work from home, communicate via email or text, and have all my shopping delivered and dropped off on the stoop.  One area that’s difficult is my morning runs.  At first I could wear some baggy sweats.  I could tape down my growing breasts.  I could pull my hair up under a hat.  I could use makeup to give myself a five o’clock shadow.  But it kept getting harder and harder to hide the changes to even the most casual observer.  I’ve had to go out earlier and earlier each morning.  It’s gotten so bad that I now don’t dare go out in the light.  If someone sees me now all they’ll see is some curvy sexy long haired woman jogging at an ungodly hour of the morning.  But that’s better than then catching a glimpse of my face and realizing that their next door neighbor Charles is that curvy sexy long haired woman!

source:  Fuck Me Harder

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