Tuesday, February 1, 2011

[Question] I know you like challenges....

I DO like challenges.

I know you like challenges, how about writing a caption involving a guy getting changed somehow into a woman, then having to pretend he is still a guy? and of course FAILING due to him thinking and acting like a guy? This is Dee by the way .. so much for

Thanks for the question/challenge Dee!  I DO like challenges.  When you sent this question in, I told myself that I wouldn't post anything about it until I had a cap to present here.  But I haven't been feeling very cappy lately.  I am several caps in debt at the Haven, plus I want a direct response to Smitty for 'The Technologist'.  AND I have an idea running round my head to spread the Technologist out into caps for the Haven.

But when I have tried to start any of these ideas over the past few days... nothing.  I look for images, but none of them whisper a word to me.  So I take a stab at this challenge, but the story idea I come up with is very vague and in all honesty.... weak.  Not worthy of this fine challenge.

But since I said I would answer all questions, I didn't want to leave this up without answering it.  I WILL do this... but it requires inspiration, and sadly I am still not in control of my inspiration (admittedly I WAS inspired earlier today, but I was stuck in class with no way to capitalize on it!)

Maybe the snow day tomorrow will be helpful.


  1. Urrgh, hate the tiny boxes for Formspring. I think I meant to say, "and of course FAILING due to him thinking and acting like a GIRL."

    I think you understood though. Hope you do a great job like you usually do.

    I believe that Simone and I have done things like this in the past, where we'll say, "Ok, you have to make a caption with a Monty Python reference snuck in" or "the new girl has to communicate without using any words."

    Besides, I like to stimulate people .. hmm, that didn't quite come out right. Nah, I'll leave it and let that statement "stimulate" people into some naughty dreams.

  2. Ya know Dee, I thought you might have meant to say it that way. But it was fun to try and conjure a way for a man in a woman's body to try to pretend to be a man and fail because he was acting like a man.

    Oh, and have that all fit into a cap.

    I already have the basics of the story worked out in my head. I will make a cap the way it was sent ""...FAILING due to him thinking and acting like a guy" If it passes muster I may attempt the other way!

  3. Well I have finally made the cap for this challenge. Instead of cramming it here, I figured i would give the cap its own post: