Tuesday, May 15, 2012

School Girl Revenge

Ahhh.... Senior Year!

So ever since Steffi came back to capping, I've wanted to make her one.  Admittedly I've had quite a few returns to make, but the main reason I didn't make one sooner was that she has a request to NOT cap her on her Haven Trading Folder.  Well... now that I'm caught up I decided to go ahead and make one for her.  I'll just post it here as a blog exclusive and not put it in her trading folder.

I mentioned in "What Will He See?" what I was using for image criteria, and I came across this beauty.  It's not the best photography I've ever seen, but I think she is very expressive, and unlike a lot of photos actually looks like she is 17 or 18.  In other words the perfect model for Steffi.

The story is fairly straight forward.  I've made nicer caps for Steffi before, but really wanted to emphasize a humiliation one.  One thing that always made me squirm pretty bad was the idea of being both a 'girlfriend' and a 'buddy' to someone who doesn't know that you are the same person.  Just the thought of listening to my friend tell me how good his girlfriend is at kissing, and him not knowing that I'M the girlfriend and spent the last night kissing him sends me to the moon.  Take it further and make him tell me about his girlfriend's blow job ability... Mmmm.....

So that line was the main objective of this cap.  The rest was really just setting it up, and making a 'reasonable' story of how these mean girls got him to dress up and play that part all year.

A funny thing happened when I went to work on the design.  I had a rough draft of the first panel's text and set up a basic text overlay design.  Now when I work on text, I always have the image at full width on my screen so that I can tell if the text is to small, or hard to read.  If the image is tall, it means I"m only looking at a portion of it.  when I started designing though, I had a vertical image.  But looking at just the bottom of it while I played with the text looked... better.

Here is what I was working with at first:

Obviously the text wasn't finished, and is just copied over to the second panel.  I hadn't even added my watermark yet.  But it gives you an idea of where I started.  I didn't change because they looked bad in any way... I just think they looked better cropped down a little further.  Admittedly, they are now VERY text heavy.  If I had started with the idea of them being that 'short', I would have either edited the story down, or added a third panel.

But I don't think they look bad as is.  I'd love to hear your opinions... are they better 'tall' like I originally had them?  Are they fine as I've presented them?  Or should I have less text per panel?


  1. What a delicious predicament Ron has gotten himself in.

    I think you're right, the cropped images look better. I think the biggest difference is in the second panel. With the upper half of he face cut out, it's easy to see the smile as a faltering one an imagine the look of dismay in "Melody's" eyes as she learns of her fate.

  2. Caitlyn,

    First of all, THANK you for this lovely gift!! It really wasn't necessary, but I appreciate it! The story is delightfully wicked. I always enjoy it when a Sissy gets her dream, only to have some savage twist mess it up or take it farther than she had planned :)

    As for the layout, I agree with chaosbeaast. Generally, I don't like "tall" caps, because I hate scrolling and reading, and not being able to view text and pic at the same time easily... In this one, as CB mentions, it's way easier to interpret her smile in the 2nd panel if you CAN'T see her whole face.

    When you do see her entire face in the tall cap, it doesn't seem to match the text very well :)

    Thanks SO much!