Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Devil Came On To Georgia

Give the Devil his due.

So while driving around this morning, I heard "The Devil Came up to Michigan" come up on my iPod.   Its a hip hop version of The Charlie Daniels Band's "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"

It got me to thinking about a TG cap.  what if the devil's offer was less on the level.  Not a fiddle competition, but an actual aid to help out a musician.  Kind of combining these songs with the the Faust idea.  But of course the corrupting part is that while the musician is helped, he is also changed into a woman.  And how often has a beautiful woman gotten popular only because of her looks?

So with these ideas flowing around my head I went right to capping as soon as I got home. I found this image rather quickly, played with the title, and then wrote out the story.  My original intent was for George/Georgia to be upset as he was just now a sex idol, but I wanted to take it one step further.  After all if the Devil wasn't getting his soul, there needed to be an upside for the Wicked One.  I figured that every time we hear about the Devil, he is either corrupting and claiming peoples souls, or trying to undo God's good work.  So hey... why not do that.

Now that it's done, I think it may be a little heavy handed in the story.  But hey.. its where my imagination took me.


  1. should have changed her name to Cassandra, the gorgeous prophetess who no one would believe... she knew what was coming, but no one would ever listen

  2. Love that you made a caption inspired by the devil went down to georgia, and it came out great. Such a mischievious twist to the deal!

  3. Don't cry Georgia many people will appreciate your talents. Tell you what lets go to the store and I'll buy you a new g-string. No were not going to the music store, its for you not your fiddle.

    Great cap love it.