Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Treatment

A fun story... a bad cap

The other night I was looking around for an image to cap and came across this one.   I immediately got this basic idea in my head... a guy recently transformed into a sexy wanton woman left at home while his wife (girlfriend? lover?) talks to her friend at work about what she had done.  She sends someone over to their home knowing (for whatever reason) that he won't have sex with the new woman, but there is a mix up and someone else comes over and starts screwing her feminized boyfriend.

It was a purely fun tongue in cheek quick cap.  At the time I didn't feel up to capping it and I figured it wouldn't stick with me.  But here I come this morning, and when I pass by the image I get the same idea.  But I have no idea how to design it.  The original photo is quite tall:

So I tried to do something similar to the 'Kinetic Text' style.  But it just didn't work right.  I played around with putting the text in individual boxes for each phrase, and then just for each person.. but neither looked good.

And to be honest... at that point I just gave up.  I've been so on and off lately that I recognized me being out of the mood.  But instead of trashing it, I just put it all in one box and use the font and color to distinguish between the voices.

It's bad.   I look at this now and just cringe.  But I do still get a giggle out of the story, so hopefully you'll get that too.  I have the source image saved, so maybe later when I'm in a more creative mood I'll tackle this again... but I doubt it.


  1. Funny story, and not just because I enjoy doing freelance work ummm ... giving my lance work for free!

    I agree with your assessment of the arrangement of text but I don't think its that bad of a caption. I might've split the text into 2 columns with the picture in the middle, but I don't think it'd be any better than what you already did (and tried to do!)

  2. Looks like their little screw up, became caitlyn's.. Screw up. *giggle*

    Fun caption caitlyn! ^_^

  3. I think he cap works really well as it is. Definitely a funny idea!

    Off topic, that is one funky chandelier in the source image.