Wednesday, May 2, 2012

All The Options

 Sometimes 'everything' isn't worth it!

So back on April 19th, I got a 'challenge/request' that I didn't quite know how to deal with.  It wasn't that it was complex, but it dealt with one thing that I'm not a big fan of (bodysuits) but occasionally use, and one thing that I'm not a fan of (pregnancy) at all.  I've used pregnancy before, but I haven't been happy with the results.

That's not to say that they weren't successful.  I believe the people I made the caps for enjoyed them, but I more or less cheated.  My first cap that had pregnancy was for Martha called "Fifth, Second, and New Anniversaries".  I was exploring the idea of visiting with someone years after they were transformed, and what better way to show that she was happily accepting her new feminine life than having a baby. The second was for Dani Colorado (Davewashere25 at the time) called "Pregnancy is a lot of Work" but in this one the heroine was tasked with getting pregnant, but hadn't gotten there in the cap.  And my last one was much the same.  "She'll Learn" is the cap I made for JPL Debi and again hinted at pregnancy, but didn't show it.

So this request would be covering new and old ground alike for me.  and since the request actually called for a picture of her pregnant I couldn't just tease with it.  Now in the comments of the request post I talked about my trepidation of finding appropriate pictures.  There was a great suggestion of using Jenna Jameson as there are pictures of her pregnant, plus PLENTY of pictures where she is 'getting' pregnant.  But after looking at her available pregnant pictures (that I could find), I just wasn't impressed with them.

So before I thought of the exact details for the story (the request took care of the skeleton of the story... wear a body suit and end up pregnant) I searched for an interesting pregnancy picture.  I came across a photography studio's gallery.  The example was of a pregnant woman.    The photos were gorgeous, and I even cropping out the majority of her face, I could find a variety of poses that inspired different emotions.  Happy, nervous, sad.... I could pick and choose depending on the story I wrote.

Now I mention cutting off her face.  I do that for a couple reasons.... one I suspect that this is a 'real' person who got photos taken of them.  They then signed a release allowing the studio to use them for advertising.  So this more than likely isn't a model that gets paid for letting people look at her body and face.  To offer at least a bit of privacy I figured the least I cold do was not use her face.  (and if you don't think it would be a problem for this person, imagine me using a picture of your sister!).  The other reason to crop it was more practical... it would let me match up this body to a wider range of women for the picture(s) used in the first (and second, and third) panel(s)  (forgive me for all the the time I was thinking this I was figuring I would use a single image for one panel, and then the pregnant picture for the second and last panel).

So looking at this pregnant picture, I started searching fuskator for a model that looked similar.  I didn't have to match her up exactly as pregnancy doesn't just give a woman a belly.  It took me awhile but I finally came upon the image set that I used here.  But it did cause a little bit of a dilema... I loved too many of the photos. And just by looking at them a bit of story came to me.  Drunk, in a body suit for some reason with a friend, getting a little frisky, but the suit is designed with extra options that make it almost unbearably pleasurable (that's really from the picture in the 2nd panel), and makes our heroine act like she loves it (spurring on the drunk friend to keep going).

I liked the idea... but explaining all of that in prose would be more than just one panel's worth of text.  I had to get him into the suit, explain the extra options, get him drunk, get him with his friend, explain a least a bit why hsi friend would want to fool around, and then explain the act itself before moving onto the pregnancy frame.

Sitting back and thinking about it, I figured it was at least three panel's worth of text.  Sadly I had five images that I really wanted to use.  I could probably have shoe horned them in, but it would have required quite a bit more 'story' than I was ready to tell, and I already felt I was over balancing the story to the bodysuit/sex side as opposed to the pregnancy.

So I eliminated these two photos:

Yea Yea... one is a BJ.  You know I love the BJs.

So cutting these out, I started writing.  The first three panels came pretty easily.  The only editing I did was on the actual 'options'.  I left that area blank, and only filled it in when I made up an option to work against later in the story (I then just went to that part and wrote in the particular option).  The hard part of the writing was the last panel.  I don't know how I would feel about becoming pregnant, so I find it hard to write about. Even now, after I've finished it, I keep thinking that I should have written more.  More about how it made her feel more feminine, how it was the ultimate act of a female.... but it just doesn't ring that true to me.  So I left it a big vague, hoping that the people that enjoy pregnant captions can kind of fill in the blanks I left in the story.  I even left it vague as to why they didn't take the abortion option.  I ALMOST wanted to leave it as her being truly stuck... but I wanted it to be her choice to stay pregnant.

So... there it is.  Technically I can say that I matched the request, but only the annonymous requester can say whether it works for them or not.

And speaking of that... in the future if you make requests from me and want to be the star, you simply have to give me a name.  You'll notice that I didn't specifically name the heroine.  She is taking the place of Caitlyn, but she wasn't a twin of Caitlyn... so she can still be anybody.   If you had given me a male/female name I would have thrown them in as well.


  1. This I exacticly what I was asking for. Thank you a lot. I wish I could tell you a name but I just can't right now.

  2. Wow, I love the pictures you chose! Do you happen to know the name of the model in the first few panels?

    1. A quick image search seems to indicate that this little hottie is Vanessa Lane. I don't have the original images to find out where the original set is from, so that is about as close as I can get. Hope that helps!

  3. Yes, it most definitely does! Thanks for the quick reply!