Sunday, January 16, 2011

Angel of New Beginnings

Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby.

Well I have finally broken through the writers block.  This is the brand new cap I have made for Cassandra (Angel) over at the Haven.  By the by Angle has a great blog of her own over here.  I know I'll be following it!

Anyway.  Angel recently changed her preferences... in fact she changed so completely that she changed her name to Angel Winddancer.  When she made me a wonderful cap series I immediatly read her preferences and like them.   I found myself intrigued by this:

Bonus points for working in subtle references to Angels or Wings

I was still having trouble writing, but I decided to look up some sexy angel pictures.  I found quite a few, but none spoke to me until I saw this image.  She looks so hot and so.... sexual!  I played around with a story based on the song 'Angel in the Morning'.  The following lyrics seemed perfect:

There'll be no strings to bind your hands
not if my love can bind your heart.

Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby

If morning's echo says we've sinned,
Well, it was what I wanted now

Through the tears of the pain,
Of the years,Oh baby baby baby baby

I figured I would take the lyrics from this sweet and almost sappy song and make something.... darker.   Read these lyrics through the lens of someone that has been transformed to a beautiful overly sexy woman against his will.  'bind your hands', 'says weve sinned', and especially 'through the tears of the pain' take on an entirely different meaning!

Luckily the writers block worked for me.  I never got it to work, and just left it untouched for quite a while.  Yesterday I figured I would give it the ol' college try again, but restarted by reading Angel's preferences.  I realized no where in there does she ask to be forced against her will, humiliated or enduring bondage and/or pain.  That was just the inner me trying to get something... anything out.  If I would have finished on that first try I may have come up with a cap that I LOVED, but that Angel probably wouldn't have liked.  

So I took a new swing... why play around with 'Angel'?  Why not go whole hog and make her an Angel!?  Without much research I started writing with the idea of 'Eric' ending up as an angel.  Angels are all beautiful so the image would still work, and any of the sexual posing (like her hand pulling on her panties) could be expalained away by 'Eric' getting used to his new body.  

The writing didnt' come easy.  There were several complete purges and restarts.  But once I got the basic idea of getting a gift for his friend (who I knew would be an Angel) it went smoothly.  

Funny side story;  I knew latin was easy to screw up.  So I went to Goggle translate to get the translation of 'Always love yourself first'.  Google Translate offers the option to go in and change the conjugation of each word to get it just perfect.  Thats where the whole translation came in... I screwed it up and just put my actions into the story.  

Anyway, I finished it, but I felt silly at the end saying 'You are now the Angel of transformation, Angel.'  I realized 'Angel' as a name was fairly generic for an 'Angel'.  So I did a little research and found several proper angel names.  So his friend became Hael Angel of Kindness and Eric became Gazardiel Angel of New Beginnings.  I don't know JACK about angels so if anyone wants to check me, my source material for the names is here.  

I like the cap as a whole.  It is not my normal cup of tea to make something sweet, but I think it comes across well enough.  


  1. you did a wonderful job with her prefs caitlyn, I think i enjoyed the fun of the mistranslation the most. That will always do you in!

  2. Wow, I had no idea just how much work you put into this. I'm really flattered. You did a great job, especially since it was in a direction different than your usual.

    Oh, and for future reference, its true that I never specifically state that I should be forced against my will, but I never specifically forbit it either. I'm not into heavy bondage, pain or extreme humiliation. But the giving up of control can be intriguing and erotic. Take a look at some of my older works on the Haven (in the trading section and the gallery), you'll find that sometimes even an Angel can be naughty.