Friday, January 21, 2011

[Question] Thank you for answering my question. Some people would probably have avoided it but you dug right in.

And another question....
Thank you for answering my question. Some people would probably have avoided it but you dug right in. Now, if you ever find yourself with girly desires, even if it is only in your head, then know that you have an admirer. I find it a big turn on thinking

No no no... Thank YOU for asking.  The idea of having this blog has expanded several times in my head.  At first it was just to have a login name for posting on other blogs (Thank god caitlynmasked was available, as I may have just not done it otherwise), to hosting some of my older caps and try to direct people to the Haven, to posting longer descriptions about how I made the caps.... to exploring what it means to me, to BE Caitlyn.

I enjoy my fantasies in my head, but I'm not exactly exploring WHY I like certain things about it, or what OTHER things I may like about it.  I never really do form a concrete thought until I either write it down, or say it to someone else. I'm sure some people think putting out a 'Hey ask me a question!' on their blog is just plain egotistical.  Its like saying "Hey there people, I am just so damn interesting that I know you want to know all about me... so ask away my little minions!".  Well I am not that interesting.  I am of the belief that if you find my art interesting, then the best thing I can do is step back and not talk about it and get in the way of your enjoyment.  But that is why I have a gallery in at the Haven.  Each cap I put there simply has its title, and who it was created for (or if it wasn't created for someone, a very brief 'why' it was created).

This images on this blog are all available there.  If you want that, then go there and enjoy (plus find litteraly thousands more like them by the other artists there!).  As I mentioned in some other post I hate having something and not taking full advantage of it.  Well a blog is a way for me to get input from a faceless mass of people.  On the haven if you want to contact me, I'm there... but I will know you.  You have to be a member (free of course!) to see anything, and to post anything.

Well here thats just not the case.  I allow anonymous posts, and anonymous questions.  I know there are people out there viewing this as I can see thousands of page views, and thousands of visitors each day go by. So why not take advantage of it.  I know by viewing some other blogs that have these 'Ask me anything' buttons, that some of the questions are down right raunchy.  I figured one of the first questions would be about me, a cock, and my open mouth.  So before I even added the feature, I had to work out in my head what the answer to that would be.  It was fairly easy for me as I've wondered that before.  When I was 20 years old I don't know that I could have answered that with any certainty.

So thats the one question I was prepared to answer.  Any other questions will help me explore Caitlyn, me, my art and other subjects in ways that I couldn't have predicted.    So any questions that I get help ME!

I will say this about these questions.... if you ask an honest or even tongue in cheek (if tongue in cheeks is a funny question, would cock in cheek be an erotic question?) question, I will answer it to the best of my ability.  If you ask me something that is just meant to insult or hurt me... I may still post it and explore why someone would want to ask such things.

About the only thing that i will not answer is 'Hey do you want to trade links?  my blog is  I am not interested in getting more hits for my blog, and I am not interested in sending more hits to another blog.  I post links to sites that I enjoy.  I post links to blogs that I enjoy.  If you want me to post a link to your blog... make something I enjoy.  And I won't post anything that can identify me in real life.  Caitlyn is only available in my head and online.

Oh, and this goes for comments too.  I've already had to delete two such posts.

So basically... I'm opening up Caitlyn's (and by a large degree MY) life to you.  If you want to want to know, just ask! As for finding myself with girly desires (even if just in my head), well I do have those.  But they are firmly put into the fantasy and ONLY fantasy category.

And I assume that your question got cut off.  I posted everything that I recieved.  I find myself really intrigued how that sentence would have ended.

I find it a big turn on thinking:

thinking about me tied up and kneeling before a man?  (me too!)

thinking about someone tracking me down from this blog and forcibly feminizing me?  (ok thats just creepy... (but me too!))

thinking about me calmly sitting down reading a good novel? (why would anyone think that?  (unless I was wearing nylons, garters, a split skirt, see through blouse with my red locks tied up in a sexy bun.... o.k. I'll stop there.  Gettin a little moist in the panties now))

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