Saturday, January 15, 2011

Leaf on the wind

Watch how I soar... then crash and burn.

This was a cap for Lyndee Mason at the haven. I've always loved her caps as she seems to get GREAT photos that are as much a part of the story as the text.  She made me a great cap and I wanted to return it with something equally great.  I really wanted to make something special for her.  Upon reading her preferences I found this:

Bonus points for slipping something geeky in there every once in a while. I tend to watch a lot of Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Doctor Who, lots of other dorky shows and read a lot of comics. 

Well I have a great love for Firefly (a series that lived far to short a life!).  The problem of course is that there really isn't much TG in Firefly (save for the movie Serenity).  So instead of making the cap about the firefly universe, I figured I could throw in some quotes from the series including my favorite... "I'm a leaf on the wind... watch how I soar!"

I checked out several Firefly fan sites to see if I could shoehorn any other quotes in and found many memorable quotes that could fit.  I liked the back and forth of the 'I never thought for a second that you'd be stupid enough to try' and 'Well that makes you kind of a tease'.  So I based the story around that.  To make it a little more obvious I used the character names from Firefly (Mal and Inara).  I wrote up the story and it gave me a major case of the giggles.  I now needed an image.  I know, I know... I shouldn't have made a cap story without an image, but I was to caught up to care.

I started searching for an image.  I figured I would just need a woman in a field of leaves.  I didn't find many good images, but this one would do.  As the image was rather boring, I added the leaf background to the text just to jazz it up a bit.

And the end result?  Meh.  If you take out the (rather obvious) Firefly references, this is just a subpar cap, with a subpar photo.  Another lesson learned... make a great story and then you can pepper in pop culture references, instead of making a pop culture reference and base a story around it.


  1. have to say I still enjoyed the references and the concept of body change through meditation. Can never complain when I see firefly references.

  2. Aww, I was hopin' you would work in the "by my pretty floral bonnet, I will end you," quote ;)

    Very pretty cap and you are correct that Firefly ended far too soon.