Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gift Horse

Always check the gift horse for bodyswaping bondage sex games!

Another older one.  Sadly again I don't recall many details about making this cap.  I will say that it follows one of my favorite story lines.  Ending up tied up in a Dom/sub sexcapade without knowing the safe word.  All of your pleas to stop and not continue would be considered part of the game.  Mm.. sends shivers down my spine.

As with much of my earlier work, I can see expanding on many things in this story.  For instance: Perhaps have Chris and Ashley engage is some bondage/sex games before the body swap.  They could go over the 'rules' and let the reader know more about how a safeword works.  Perhaps while he is enjoying his orgasm, go over the transformation (mixing in the pleasures with the body swap).  Perhaps having Ashley (now in Chris' body) cleaning up Chris (now in Ashley's body) and prepping him for Bryan while telling him what to expect.  All of this would lead up to a bigger punch at the end when Bryan walks in and ignores Chris' pleas to stop.  I wouldn't even need to go into detail of what Bryan did.  The picture would tell you enough.

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  1. The fun part about making captions is that you can decide how much or how little you want to include in the overall story.

    Sometimes, giving a long form story from start to finish makes everything feel so real. Other times, just dwelling on ONE special moment narrows the focus down to the very essence you are trying to create.

    When making multiple panels, I feel that there should be a flow between high points. When I do a single panel, I am much more comfortable with providing a snapshot in time, and whatever the characters are feeling in the now.

    Anyway, I mention that because I can see you expanding the story from what you have written already. But I can also see you take each of those small scenarios and make them stand alone.