Monday, January 31, 2011

Misc Zulo Caps

Twenty (yes... 20!) caps I made while playing a Medallion of Zulo game/roleplay:

I'll be honest, I'm not feeling very wordy today.  I thought about putting up another cap, but I really didn't want to post something with a 'there it is' comment.

So instead I will post some caps I made for the Medallion of Zulo game I played on the Haven.  As a forewarning, these caps were part of a much larger story. Sometimes they are written with the main character as a man, sometimes as a woman.  All of them are from my characters perspective.  My character's progression:

Calvin (wealthy photographer)
Kristen (Calvin met the medallion laying on his doorstep and became Kristen, a wealthy white collar criminal)

Kristen tried to help another player, but transformed him by mistake:

That is the only cap I made for the first game "New Developments"

I decided to keep the character in the second game, so I started as 'Kristi'.  I explained much in my intro cap:

I had fun with the character as she got used to her femininity.  Some caps I made as Kristi preparing to teach her photography courses:

A cap I made finding some 'photography work' of another player:

Then Kristi found the medallion.  While trying to hide it and consider her options this happened:

Now we're off to the races.  Multiple transformations including a player into the body of another player.  A player into the body of a NPC, and a NPC into a different NPC.   A lot goes on.  The game seemed to have about 3 or 4 different story lines going at the same time, and they all interleaved beautifully.   Many people were searching for the medallion, and another player found it.  Not knowing what it was he put it up for 'sale'.

Around this time I made a cap outside of the game for one of the players.  It was a dream of her new self getting used by her old self:

Another man (Sam 'The Beast") had 'used' Kristi while she was drink.  Later Kristie was transformed into a mob lackey (while trying to attain the medallion), and Sam was transformed into a little blonde girl (adult, but still a little girl).  Kristi in her new male body was attracted to Sam in his new female body (and this tame exchange inspired the cap "Dreams and Nightmares":

But transformations don't stop there.  Kristi got used to her new male body and started calling herself Kris.  But Kris eventually got transformed into another girls body.  He felt weak and unsure of himself in this body which leads to this:

Kristi then gets used and abused by a group of men.   She can't stand her life and tries to kill herself.  The other players (including Sam in the body of a buxom blonde woman) save her by transforming her into a club owner.   A buff club owner.  He starts up a relationship with the two women:

This new body deserves a new name.  Kristi decides she feels like a mixture of her original female self (Kristi) and her original male self (Calvin).  So she goes by Kalv.  Other changes happen, to many to recount, but eventually Kalv gets the medallion back.  He gets revenge on the person who stole his Kristi body, tries to help a friend and fails, and tries to help everybody else, but ends up in a Keystone Kops episode:

There is so much to the story that you won't get from the caps.  Entire story arcs that were amazing but never directly effected Calvin/Kristi/Kris/thegirl/Kalv.  And even after this last cap I made, the story went on for several more pages.  

In the end Kalv started a porn website with Sam "The Beast' Poleson as his lead star (in her buxom blonde body).  

After the whole game was done, Kaitlyn (who lead and played in the game) made little poetry caps for all the players.  I loved mine, and wanted to repay her.  Now I am no poet.  I can barely rhyme, and have no tempo to speak of.  But I did my best and even imitated Kaylie's capping style to make here this:

If any of this story sounds interesting, then you should head over to The Haven, join up if you haven't and read the entire game.  It really was a blast to play through.  And if it doesn't sound interesting, then its simply because I'm not doing it justice.  It was VERY interesting to play, and is very interesting to read.

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