Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whats All The Fuss?

Is giving a blowjob to your girlfriend the same as it is giving a blowjob to your boyfriend?

I believe this is the only cap I've done with the characters being reallly represented by hand drawn characters.  I did use anime characters in "Dream Job", but the image is the 'drawing' based on what the character really did in the story.  This time the images are representing the actual characters.

Just so no one is confused, this was made for Vicki Santuse at the Haven.   She prefers to start as a woman and end up as a shemale.  My biggest problem is finding 'good' images of shemales.  I like many of the images when I'm thinking of pure porn, but not necessarily for a cap.  So I spent a long time looking for an image to start from.  I believe I actually gave up the search several times.  But I finally came across these images.  I was happy enough with them, and they told me a little story about a girl complaining to her girlfriend about her boyfriends 'need' of a blowjob every day.  After looking at so many images I was very excited to start writing and came up with this on the first try (only minor editing needed).

I wrote, I edited, I threw it into a basic layout, I tweaked, then I posted it to in Vicki's folder.

Then she pointed out that the image I used for her (the bluish haired one) looks more like a guy in drag, than a real woman.

Oops.  I guess I spent a little to much time looking for chix'w'dix images to notice.

Ah well.. I enjoy the story and images, but I'm really coming to the conclusion that i just don't do shemale captions very well.  The characters don't pop quite as much as many of my other caps.

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  1. It's a problem I've had for Vicki as well. I have done a few decent captions for her, but I ended up using regular women and just implying in the story that she now has man junk.

    One the other hand though, if I DO come across some good pictures, I know who they are going to be for!