Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fuck Time Travel!

That damn Technologist is back at it again!

This is a reply to smitty.  To catch you up, he transformed me into Caitlyn.  I returned but not by transforming smitty.  Instead I used Smitty (the character) in my cap "Magic Vs Technology".  I introduced an arch Hero/Villain to stand up to Smitty.  The response has been huge.  Both smitty and I enjoyed the cap, and it is the most viewed page on my blog to date!.  I figured this would be a one time deal as I don't often use characters more than once.

But this un-named technologist got under my skin.  Then Smitty made a cap calling out this technologist (a really good and dark cap!)  Well  I just had to respond.  You may notice that I didn't use the same style I did in Magic Vs Technology.  Thats because it takes a really long time in Photoshop to do make that look right.  I wanted to focus on the story, the repeated layout and the nearly repeated images.

I hope you like it, and I hope that the Technologist comes back to visit every once in awhile.


  1. I love it. His dry humor really comes through and makes him a great foil for Smitty. As for his plans, I must admit I am unsure what evil tricks he's got up his sleeves with his time travel techniques. I really like your take on the gimmick too.

  2. I really enjoyed the method of time travel you used here, it's just perfect for a forced TG caption.

    The humor was a lot of fun as well, the character was a blast to listen to and carried the caption effortless. I also liked how you tied it in with the search for Smitty and still keeping up with his experiments.

    I look forward to watching this all unfold, it's off to a killer start!