Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Redheads Are Bimboish and Blondes Are Bimboier

Lets just admit it... they're all the bimboiest!

These are two sets of caps that I made for Petra and Martha over at the Haven.  They were having an out and out cat fight on whether Redheads or Blondes were bigger bimbos.  This was all done in the comments of another post.  I enjoyed their back and forth and decided to make a cap between the two continuing the argument.  I 'borrowed' the premise of the original cap and continued one of the characters.

Lemme tell ya.. .trying to find a good photos involving a redhead and a blond isn't as easy as it sounds.  I searched and searched and didn't find any that I really liked.  Instead of being my normal stubborn self and dropping the project, I went ahead and chose a less than stellar set of images.  Of course the redhead spanking the blonde pleased me (Redheads For Life!) and added a bit more to the story.

The story was written fairly quickly and came easily.  After it was written I had to decide on a title and a design.  I was thinking the title should be somthing along the lines of Redhead Vs Blonde... but it didn't just sit right.  So I took some lines of text and made it the title.  But the problem was I didn't have a single line to sum it up... I had 2.  Then it hit me... I would make two captions out of the one story.  It woudln't be anything revolutionary, or even original, but just changing up the backgrounds and titles would induce enough giggles to be worth it.

I won't really critique this as I never intended it to stand up in the halls of cap greatness... it was just fun, and I'll leave it for you to decide if it was fun or not.


  1. Of course I don't only think it turned out well because it was made for me ;) I still fight with Petra about it now and then and though you wrote "Readheads for life", the fight is not over yet ... :)
    I mean everyone knows that redheads are considered passionate and love loving girls .... so you wear the signal colour on your head, stop thinking ... and without further action the guys come to you because the readheads and the guys like to play the game. Therefore, redheads are the more bimboierish girls! q.e.d. :D

  2. Oh Martha, when will you learn? The boys don't flock to us redheads because we are bimbos, they flock to us because we can have an intelligent conversation with them as well as leaving them both exhausted AND begging for more in the bedroom. :D

    You blondes just have your airhead giggle and your short skirts to keep the boys interested :P

    Thanks for bringing this debate back up Caitlyn. It is always fun to discuss bimbo-hood with Martha.