Thursday, January 27, 2011


Ain't nothing sexier than tattoos!
Well o.k. there are a lot of things sexier, but that seemed like a good tag line!

This is the first cap I made for Bren over at the Haven.  While I think I did a much better job on my later caps to her "Basketball Lessons", and "Idealized" (I also made her one called Humiliated enough... but I haven't posted that here yet), I am still proud of this first Bren cap. As I've mentioned on these previous cap, Bren likes Karmic Balance.  Do bad, and that 'bad' will come back to haunt you.  I hadn't heard anyone put a cap quite like that before so naturally I wanted to take a swing at it.

The hard part turned out to be finding the image.  Her preferences for her new body: Age, race, hair, and build don't matter. It all figures into the new girl's fate.

I wasn't great at finding images without much direction at this point, so I tried to piece together what Bren liked from her comments to other people's caps.  That didn't help as she seems to really follow her preferences... she liked caps staring all types of women.  So I started looking around for images.  Changing up search terms for anything that caught my fancy.  I have no idea what search term brought up this image, but it really caught my breath.  But the story didn't jump out at me, so I just kept on searching.   Several minutes later I went back to this image. I still didn't have a story... I just wanted to see it again.

That process repeated itself several times.  I thought that this could make a good cap, but it was strictly PG rated.  Bren prefers R-XXX caps, and i was in that mood.  My answer came to me when I re-checked her preferences: As far as continent anything goes. I like rated R and above, however, if the picture fits you gotta use it.  There you have it straight from her mouth.  This picture fits, so I gotta use it.

So I saved the image and opened up word.  I had noticed that she had tattoos, so I started writing the basics of the story you see here.  I ended the story at the "Worse yet.. he was a girl almost completely covered in Tattoos" line.  The problem came when I was putting the cap together.  The tattoos were there, but they weren't the focus of the image.  Going black and white didn't help, so I decided to color them in.  Once I had that tattoos colored in, I added some other cute accents (Hair, bows and lips).  Making the background color match the highligted areas was easy enough,but it seemed rather dull.  So I just took one of the models other images and faded it out in the background.  It was such a contrasty image that I had to almost elimiate it.  It still worked as it added some texture behind the text.  And when I raised it up placing her eyes just under the title, I knew I had it.

I liked it... but I figured that just because I didn't use an X rated image, I could still add some spice to the cap (Plus the cap didn't look good with that little bit of text at the bottom).  So I added the last few lines.  And now it was done.

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