Sunday, January 30, 2011

Man Up!

Be a man and put the damn skirt on!

 This was a fun one to make.  It was also my first cap for Petra.  At this point I didn't know that we shared so many of the same fetish/preferences.  When I came upon these images (especially the last one!) I KNEW there was a cap in there somewhere.  I had recently been thinking of larger scale transformations (companies using it on their rivals and even workers within their own company, so this seemed to fit well within that realm.

I don't have much to say about the process except that it was an easy creation.  I had only intended it to be a single page, but the story was too long especially since I wanted to use the first and last images.  The 2nd image fit in with what I had already written (thank god!) so adding it in was simple.

I thought I would put some thoughts down on transformation methods.  Dee talked on her blog about how grounded in reality should magic be used.  Go ahead and take the time to read what Dee said, and the great comments to the post.  It is worth it!

No really... read that first and then come back here.

I thought about that discussion with this cap because of my use of hypnosis and nano tech.  One of Clark's (Arthur C. Clark) laws is: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.  I am more or less exploring this with Smitty in Magic Vs Technology and its various follow ups.  Consider in the following examples:

Move from one place to another instantaneously:
With Magic you 'teleport' yourself.
With Technology you use a Star Trek style 'transporter'.

Move an object closer to you:
With Magic you can make the object 'levitate' then pull it closer.
With Technology you can use a 'tractor beam' then pull it closer.

To protect yourself you:
With Magic you use a shield spell.
With Technology you use a 'deflector shield'.

Even in the world of TG and TF:
With Magic you use a transformation spell.
With Technology you use Nano bots.

Basically fictional technology can and is the same as fictional magic.  Its just two flavors of the same ice cream.  They both have their variations, but the end result is the same... a transformation that isn't possible in the real world.

And in the world of TG caps even real world technolgy and techniques are made more powerful and fantastic.  Take cross dressing for example.  Most everyday men that put on women's clothes, a wig, and makeup look like.... well they look like a man wearing women's clothes, a wig, and makeup.  I've seen a lot of amateur cross dressers and I have yet to see one that upon close inspection looks like a woman.  Now I'm not talking about people that cross dress a lot.  People who get clothes to accent their best assets, and hide their worst assets.  People that practice moving like a woman.  Practice acting like a woman.  But even these people (without surgical or movie level makeup) don't look like the super/runway/porn models used in most caps.

So if the cap describes a girlfriend/wife/buddy dressing a normal man into clothes and then fooling everyday people (or worse yet fooling people he knows) into thinking he is a woman... well reality has to be put on pause.

Other examples:
Hormones?  They take a long time and even in heavy doses don't 'change' a man into a woman.
Padded bra, waist, gaff?  Still walks like a man and talks like a man and does nothing for the face.

And then we come to the reason I brought this up: Hypnosis.  Hypnosis is real, and it really can work for many different things.  The best example I can think of is quitting smoking.  It is a valid treatment for people that want to quit smoking.  But you first have to WANT to quit smoking.  You see hypnosis can't make you do something that you don't want to do.  It can't change your morals, your ethics, your sexual preference, your mannerisms, and it most certainly can't make you do something against your will while you are actively witnessing it.

So if I want to make a cap where a normal man is changed into a woman quickly, I have to use some fantastic magic or technology.  The only real way to get transformed is by surgery.  It takes multiple surgeries to make you into a woman, and many to make you look like a woman (plastic surgery).  It takes years.  It also takes hormone treatments.  And even after the surgery (to my knowledge) those hormone treatments must continue as you have had your testicles removed and do not have working ovaries to produce their feminine counterparts.  You NEED these hormones and not just to be a man/woman.

If I want to make a cap where I am forced against my will to fool a man into believing I am a woman while still a man (my current cross dressing cap fantasies) you still have to suspend reality.

I haven't finished thinking about this.  It doesn't change my fantasy, as my personal fantasy has always been mental, not physical.  I'm already suspending reality so suspending a little more doesn't hurt.  But I think I am backing away from where I started.  I always thought that if a cap was based off technology then it made it 'more' real.  Then I changed to thinking that cross dressing made it more real.

But if I (or my subject) am to be an unwilling participant, then I can't think of a way to make it 'real'.  No Magic.  No Technology.  No stretching real technology/techniques beyond what they could really do.  I just don't see the path there that doesn't involve me suspending reality and thinking that it really could be possible.

The closest I can get (for a cap) is NOT fooling people I (or my subject) knows in real life, using the best stage clothing (fake breasts, body shapers, corsets, gaff), the best stage style makeup, and months of training.  In a cap that would involve enough time that you would have to have a big gap like "months later....".  I think it can work in a story, but not a cap.

I would love to have your opinions on this.

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