Sunday, May 27, 2012

Caitalyna: Sexy, Sassy, Sissy, Latina, Lover!

You know you'd love a Latina Caitlyn!

This cap is the definition of a quicky.

I was browsing some images and saw these two lovely ladies.  When I scrolled through all the photos and saw this one, with the woman looking like she is presenting the other to someone... well the story wrote itself.  I really had no desire to go into any depth, just present the idea of a girl presenting her former boyfriend to her new Master.  Any detail wouldn't be spelled out, just hinted at.

At first I just used the place holder name of Carlita as I've never pictured 'Caitlyn' as an hispanic woman.  But you know... why not?  It's not as though I'm 'turned off' by sexy latinas!  But Caitlyn isn't hispanic in the least... so I went to a baby name site and looked for the closest thing to 'Caitlyn' that I could find.  When I saw Catalina, it was only a matter of changing out that bland 'i' for an exciting 'y' and adding the extra 'i'.  Calvin becomes Caitalyna!

Knowing that I didn't want there to be a lot of extra space meant cropping it in tightly to the two ladies, which sadly didn't leave much room for a title.  So I just reached into the grab bag of old styles and pulled out the old but trusty title over a title box.

I certainly don't think this will ever go down as one of my best, nor will it ever be a favorite... but it was 30 minutes (from seeing the image to posting it here) well spent!


  1. Love the picture and what you did with it. Very good quick cap.

  2. Ah buh, buh, buh Caitlyn doesn't love spaniards much so she goes to latinas instead :3

    Super lovely story Caitl... eeerr Caitalyna, glad you left the other woman free so anyone just can picture herself/ himself being part of the story too. :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: Try a sexy spaniard! You won't regret it ;P

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  4. Very nice. Your work is fantastic Caitlyn.

  5. Ooh quite exciting to see more trans captions. This one is delightful. I've been meaning to have a threesome with a couple, several interested parties lately.